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Learning To Remember

July 2020 I've seen so many blogs, articles and memes about Covid 19 - how to cope with it, how it's changed people's lives, how to prosper. Lists of spells and rituals to help you through it, toxic memes that declare if you haven't learned a new skill that you've wasted time, articles announcing that people have built a business, written a best-seller, taught yourself how to play the cello, become an overnight genius and flown to the moon. I vowed I wouldn't add my blog to the list of these. What I want to know is where are the slightly plumper than they were before, pajama clad, slightly ashamed of the wine bottle chink of their recycling bin people? Or is it just me? I know it isn't, I've spoken to so many of my friends (socially distanced of course) to know that I'm not alone in my 'failure' to have have lost 14 stone, created a 6 figure turnover business in less than a week or written a series of best selling novels that will beat JK Row

Midsummer Madness

Glorious Blessings of Summer Solstice,  Litha  and Midsummer to you all! What a beautiful weekend it has been, perfect for celebrating Summer with all my weird and wonderful friends..... yeah sadly like, so many other things right now that didn't happen, but hey we're still here and there is always 2021 - it's already booked! Usually I would have been away camping up in the hills with like minded friends, all living in a tipi for a few days meditating deeply, practicing sacred arts , weaving magick and wait, who am I kidding? Drinking cocktails, making rude jokes, laughing like drains and generally having a whale of a time! This year of course, that wasn't an option, we all needed to stay safe so instead I created my very own solstice camp in the garden.... Camp Claire! My kitchen became a place of frenzied activity, Solstice Bunting became a must have thing for the patio and the tent, a wall hanging was quickly knocked up, oops I mean lovingly created, wreaths were ado

Written In The Stars

So I wasn't planning on writing a blog today, not at all, I was intending to sort out two funerals instead. No one panic! They're mock ones for me to have a practice at honing my skills, now that drum roll purleease.... I've finished my Funeral Celebrancy training! Hurrah! My lovely friend Laura has very kindly shared her late Grandma's memories with me to practice my eulogy writing skills and my equally lovely friend Jen has kindly agreed to be 'killed off' so that I can practice a virtual funeral via zoom. Not as in the human sacrifice you understand, I don't demand that level of attention to detail!  Anyway that's what I had planned as I sat having a cuppa on the patio, but Goddess had other plans for me and I long ago learned to go with the flow and see where my journey takes me.... Those of you that follow either  @walkingwithmygoddess  on Instagram or  Walking With My Goddess  on Facebook might have seen the beautiful poem above written by t

Gifts From The Goddess

Sun behind the clouds in nearby Hunton.. Weird, dark  and scary old times we're living in right now aren't we? I hope you're all well and safe wherever you are. As expected, there are some people are moaning but the general consensus amongst my family and friends is that if this is the crisis of our lifetime and if this is the war we have to fight, we're grateful it doesn't involve sending our loved ones away to kill and maim each other like our grandparents had to, and we're blessed that our part - for the most of us, is just staying in and staying put, which is a very small part to play. Himself is still out trucking to keep our infrastructure supplied and ticking along and whilst we had to close the winter shelter a week earlier than planned, I'd already got a new part time job arranged which will still involve heading out as it's care work, but hey ho. For the most part, when I'm not delivering shopping to Mum and Dad, through their double

Absolutely Shameless

Courtesy of NeemSanctuary : A dear friend posted this meme in our Moon Circle group page last week and it really struck a chord with me. It's so joyously simple - there is that old adage that a problem shared is a problem halved and as long as you don't tell your new best frenemy and they share it all over social media before you've even had a chance to regret your honesty, it really is true. I was lying there last night in the wee small hours between a snoring husband and cat thinking how very true this is. Many is the time I've laid there tossing and turning, consumed with some worry or remembered embarrassment that the shame demons have gleefully resurrected from 1995 to torment me with, not last night though, I was just being profound  (check me out)  and crafting sage words for this blog that I cannot for the life of me remember this morning! Luckily for me, himself is very good with dealing with tears at 2 am, cud