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Finding The Corn Maiden

It's been an odd sort of week, one of those where it's either all or nothing. Work days seems to be very long and spread all over the county, added with early morning drop offs for the rest of the family and later pick ups -most of the week I've come home and crashed out - quite spectacularly on Wednesday - going to bed for an hour at ten to 6 and waking up nearly 13 hours later.....I must have needed it ! All of a sudden it's the weekend and apart from being Mum's taxi a few days of blissful chilling, I just wish I had some maiden energy that seems to be lacking a little at the moment, I'm just not feeling it at the minute - it's almost like the Crone energy has lingered, perhaps it's just the February blues! Fit for a Fairy! So today I found myself home alone with no car and decided to scoop myself up out of the armchair and pull my wellies on venture out to reconnect with the land and drag my inner maiden out of her cosy den to play whether s

Love, Hearts and Flowers

Well it's been a very normal week, whatever that might mean!  One of those weeks where I think "Help-there's nothing to write about" -  I haven't been out and about doing Goddess things, just a run of the mill week, apart from having a surge of creative ideas and some very visual groundings, meditations and dreams which I have come to expect with the waxing moon. Couldn't Resist This One! That alone means that I am aware of the waxing and waning of the moon, so a little Goddess link there then that I wasn't necessarily aware of!  However on Saturday I popped in the local charity shop in the neighbouring village to check out their jigsaws (rock and roll baby!) for my lovely parents (honestly) and picked up this beauty. I saw the spine of the book and my hand shot out, I think you can all imagine my delight when I saw the front cover with the picture of the Sulis Minerva from the Roman Baths at Bath on the front.  For anyone who hasn't heard of Her

Feeling Childlike...

Early Blossom Spring has Sprung!  Well that's how it feels here this week - despite the rather fierce wind and the odd gusty shower, the plants are slowly unfurling their delicate faces  and petals to the wintry sun that shines brightly with a sudden and sudden surprising brilliance, alternating with weak rays that struggle to filter their way through the dark clouds as the final vestiges of winter reappear to remind us where we are in the ever turning wheel of the seasons. No one seems to have told this lovely tree at work though and the blossom is multiplying daily like a joyous bunting waiting to proclaim the arrival and festivities of spring. After clearing away the old energies from my altar, I had a rummage amongst my candles and altar pieces and realised It Appealed to My Inner Maiden! I hadn't really got anything maiden like to redress it with. I lit a single candle, grounded myself and called Goddess in as her maiden aspect and spent a little while med