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Looking Inwards

Altar Candle Well I don't know about anywhere else but it's more like Autumn than Summer here today! All this water has certainly reflected my need to go with the flow over the last few days - I had lots of Goddess activities planned for this weekend after a really long week which just about left room for daily devotions but what a surprise - all change! First I had a migraine from hell which meant that I needed to take myself off to bed for a couple of hours instead of attending a Holistic Fayre organised by some friends where I was going to be doing some drumming as well as hopefully getting some divine inspiration and then due to circumstances beyond our control we've had to cancel our Maidstone Pagans moot today.  Well worth a read.. So, what to do with myself instead? Listen to my body for starters - as Michelle my Discovery Course Priestess always told us, you cannot serve from an empty vessel. Cue for plenty of sleep, lots of snuggly cat cuddles and time to

Realising the Mother Line

It seemed such normal drive to work... After a busy but mundane week, nothing out of the ordinary, I was beginning to wonder what I would find to write about in my blog. I have however learnt by now that if nothing else I should expect the unexpected, I asked Ker for inspiration and imagination in my daily conversations with Her, trusting and content in the knowledge that something would inspire me! Still it was a surprise when I had a rather odd thing happen to me on Friday morning. I  was coming along the main road when I could see a couple in a dark blue Jaguar waiting to pull out of Oatfield Drive, where I wanted to turn into. As I was slowing down I flashed my lights and waved them out. The lady who was the passenger, smiled, waved back and turned to who I thought was probably her husband, when he didn't  pull out I flashed my lights again and waited patiently, again the lady smiled, waved and turned to the man, yet he still didn't move. I decided to move forward and

Travelling Further Afield

Beach Altar - First Attempt We've just come back from a beautiful couple of days in Norfolk, right by the beach just above Caister, in the unromantic sounding village of Scratby to be precise. Fortunately it was a lot nicer than it sounds- a beautiful unspoilt sandy beach, with the bare essentials of facilities and plenty of space. Apparently it's a Norse name- Skrauti meaning someone given to display* and 'by' meaning settlement - so now we know! (Sorry, I've always liked to know the wheres and whys!) It was the first time I've been away for any length of time since I started my journey, so I had been wondering what to do about my altar - pack it up and take it with me or make a new one up there? Stacking stones from my second Altar   I decided to do the latter. So I dragged my long suffering husband  off and chose a quiet spot on the beach just as the sun was starting to set and we made a stack of flattish pebbles and simply surrounded it with two r

Making Sense

Greetings from a beautiful sunny Kent!  I was fortunate enough to spend a couple of days  this week  hands on as staff as opposed to being stuck in my office as the boss, which meant I got to spend time with some of the amazing 'service users' (- I don't like that term, personally I prefer to say clients - as we work for them, but that's not the PC buzz word!) and to share a chilled picnic with them under this tree whilst watching a fountain spray from the middle of the pond at Goudhurst, just a couple of miles from where we work. It never fails to ground me and remind me why I do my job.  I also attended a seminar on Safeguarding and the new Care Act this week, which had me wondering mid power point, how I had managed to overlook the fact that most of my work is based around protection and looking out for people's rights when I was struggling to interpret the energy of warrior and protector I have been feeling from my daily practice and conversations with  Ke