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Remembering Love

Storm Clouds Brewing It wasn't a great week last week was it? I woke up early on Tuesday still feeling like utter poop, it had been brewing over the weekend but it had arrived and settled in with a vengeance. Groaning and reaching for my phone to ring my manager to say I wouldn't be in again (a pretty much an unheard of situation) I caught the early morning headlines and read with horror the events of the previous night in Manchester. As the awfulness of it began to filter through, emotions of anger and despair rushing through me for lives lost to hatred, tears in my eyes and heart in my throat, I suddenly thought of my little cousin who studies at Manchester Met, she was highly unlikely to be at the concert but you never know quite where life takes people. I checked my messenger contacts and with relief saw she was active on line and replied to my message immediately, wondering what I was talking about. A Perfect Place for Walking and Talking.... Heartfelt relief an

Gathering Roots

How Very British! Greetings Campers! Can you guess what I've been up to this weekend? Yep, I've been braving the deepest wilds of Kent, well ok a local camp called The Roots Gathering - a blend of workshops and talks with like minded folk. Originally I had made arrangements to go with a friend but as it turned out on the day, I headed off alone. Having a deep breathing session and after giving myself a talking to as I drove and like a child asking Goddess for her help, I won't lie it was still with some not inconsiderate level of trepidation that I pulled up and to pitch my tent. Just goes to show how much anxiety can be hidden behind a smiling face...  As I put my tent up I was scouring passing faces for a familiar one, busying myself arranging the contents of my tent and my equipment, before retreating inside for a little calming exercise and a quick reassuring chat with himself and the kids on our family group chat. Carpe diem'ing the living daylights out of the

Full Moon Findings

May Full Flower Moon What a beautiful full moon this week! I hope you managed a glimpse? Lady Moon was rather resplendent in her glowing entirety, dazzling and imposing in the black velvety sky. According to various folklore and legends the  May Moon is the   Full  Flower Moon, Blessings Moon and Corn Planting Moon which heralds all aspects of love, for each other, for the land and looking after yourself!  All week I have had some weird and wonderful dreams, when I was managing to sleep that it is - It's been a week of waking up and looking at the clock to see 3.33 in red square digits 3.30 AM Feathers courtesy of    taunting me!  A colleague suggested that it means that the Ascended Masters are with me, the spiritually enlightened who were human in a previous incarnation, great spiritual teachers that are here to let me know I have their love, help and companionship or according to others Angels are present who have a connection with amongst

Walking With My Ancestors

My Beltain Altar Well this week has rushed past at some speed! You know those weeks where you could do with an extra couple of hours in the day or even an extra day in the week? Art work for a friend, studying for a course at work, let alone just normal work or having a life! So on Saturday, heeding the words of a very wise woman I know whose favourite saying is 'you cannot pour from an empty vessel'- I treated myself to a massive lie in and spent the afternoon lounging in my PJ's on the sofa cuddling cats - there are 12 to choose from at the moment, snoozing, drinking tea and attempting to read my way through my mahoosive 'to read' pile that has grown to alarmingly toppling Well Worth a Read... risk proportions. The book of delight this Saturday was this little gem... full of amazing facts you never knew you didn't know, based on decades of very sage observations, such as leaves growing bigger in the north side of a tree - who knew how soon that would b