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Remembered Voices

I'm still feeling the presence of the ancestors this week, the veil may have thickened and come back down like thick velvet curtain but the voices and spirits linger for me in these misty mornings and dark evenings, distant voices still calling out to me and clamouring to have their stories told. Voices from my own line and others, some with names unknown just felt and heard in quiet corners.  So Glencoe, it has taken me a while to find the words to describe this haunting place. Everyone has heard of Glencoe, most know a little about the massacre that happened there, lots of people have visited and felt the atmosphere - even a party animal friend who is usually more interested in spirits of an entirely different kind. I remember her telling me about a night that she and a group of her friends stayed there in a camper van, that the sense of brooding permeated even into their tipsy consciousness, she wasn't wrong.  The trip started peacefully enough, flying sat nav

Walking with the Ancestors

Samhain Blessings To You All!  I hope those of you who celebrated Samhain or Halloween enjoyed yourselves, whatever you did..... this year we finally had some little trick or treaters - only taken 8 years of living here, for once we didn't get to eat the halloween sweets much to himself's disgust! The  history of trick or treating  is a bit tenuous to link back to the origins of Samhain, the origins of which are also hotly debated and questioned - a modern neo pagan creation, a former final harvest or an ancient celebration venerating the ancestors? But hey, each to their own! For me it's about honouring my ancestors, acknowledging the dark half of the year, the final end of summer, reflecting, healing and growing. There is of course room for both, so pumpkins were us  - Cat and Tree of Life pumpkins this year, cats well obviously because I am the proverbial crazy cat lady and tree of life to honour the ancestors and my roots.  In preparation for this I drew up a fa