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An Early Imbolc

Budding Daffodils Imbolc Blessings to you all!  As the sky lightens earlier and the days grow visibly longer, I can feel the energies changing and see the land begin to awaken once again, life slowly returns to the land with the sun and we celebrate the turn of the wheel as the Maiden draws near and the Crone drifts away until Samhain. Imbolc is a fire festival to welcome the rebirth of Goddess as maiden  known to some as Brigid/Brighde/Bride or Brigit's Day, it's name possibly meaning Ewe's milk referring to the lactating Ewe's - one of the first signs of the approaching Spring.  Also known as Candlemas - the Christian festival celebrating the Virgin Mary's purification following the birth of Christ. This long standing tradition held that Women needed to be cleansed from the blood and bodily trauma of childbirth and received back for blessings from the Church, often referred to as 'churching' a long time after the child's christening which were he

Wicker, Woods, Walks and Windmills...

Well hello!  I hope you've had a good week? My Latest View... Following  some further reading of my current book, I have unleashed my inner wild woman - the wild Goddess inside whilst at work, well when I say She's unleashed I found a suitable image to placate her at work whilst the mundane Claire has to type reports, write risk assessments, balance budgets and deal with the daily minutiae that pays the suggested I found an image of a beautiful mountain cloaked in heather and a rainbow, which certainly makes me stop and smile during my day, which must be doing something to sate the appetite of my A Halfway Horse! restless inner wild woman /Goddess as well as drawing some admiring 2nd glances from others in my office. It certainly helps to feel balanced and grounded during the day instead of pining to escape and roam!  Last week whilst travelling between my two sites I came across this beautiful wicker horse outside a pub, tethered as though her rider was i

A Spirited Wassail

A Temporary Veil I wasn't going to start with the weather this week, really I wasn't, but during the night Goddess cloaked  the land in a thin veil of the white sparkly snow and it was a rather beautiful sight to wake up this morning - especially as we knew it wouldn't last too long!  So that's the weather out of the way, what else have I been up to this week?  I seem to have spent the week marvelling at amazing sunrises and sunsets on my way to and from work, as well as doing a bit of work in between!  Linton Hill I really love my job and all the fabulous characters - both clients and staff that I work and wouldn't change it for the world, these are the people that happily embraced Gabriel Roth's Endless Wave in 'movement to music' - (we can't call it a dance session, as we're not trained dance teachers, just in case you were wondering) and not only humour my rapt descriptions of sunrises on the way in, but share them with me, such a

Inspiration on Rainy Days

A Rare Burst of Sun Through the Clouds.... Well it's certainly been a very bleak week weather wise here - how very British that must sound! Fortunately no flooding for us but day after day of rain has left vast pools in sodden fields and rivulets of clay coloured water have covered the roads, in fact the view from through the window wherever I have been all week seems to have been blurry.  Apart from one glorious morning, Wednesday I think where I had to stop to take a photo of the sun boastfully bursting through the clouds with ill conceived confidence, the photo doesn't do it justice but it was that spectacular that I felt the urge to pull over to capture it. Fortunately there were no passengers to witness my acts of eccentricity that morning, although many are now used to impromptu and bumpy swerves into lay bys.  Brave daffodils, snowdrops even our passion flower and rhododendron appear to be fooled by the mild temperatures and making an early entrance, I fear they may

Realisations and Aspirations

Divine Colouring... Wow it's been a really windy week, and I'm not just talking about the brussel sprouts and the butter nut squash and lentil casserole! Hurricane Frank has been whirling around loudly and violently, with disastrous effects in some places, for us here in Kent it has thankfully just meant some wild and hair raising winds (literally). For the first half of the last week I enjoyed taking advantage of my week off work and enjoying the 'bracing' air in the back garden when I have my first cuppa of the morning much to the surprise of next door's cat who has stared at me beadily every morning from the safety of the fence. We have one of those melodic wind chimes - sounds of mercury or something, that are supposed to be actual notes and I've even noticed the different tunes the varying force and direction of the wind has produced on different days! To feel the wind lifting my hair and the sound it makes as it whooshes through the trees and rattles t