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Time to Travel

I hope everyone has found a little time to enjoy the sunshine and festivals this week.  I managed to spend most of this morning on our allotment, it feels like the weeds are enjoying the mix of sun and rain nearly as much as the crops, but at least the peas are flourishing and looking yummy, bringing back memories of shelling the peas from Dad's veg plot with Mum and eating more raw ones than we put in the saucepan!  Although the original beans I planted have been rather munched, the ones the I planted in my 'three sisters' bed   seem to be faring a bit better and they are  starting to find their way to the corn plant now for support. Once they grow a little more, I'm going to plant a variety of squashes as well as marrows and courgettes underneath them both from a local nursery called Bumbles (what a lovely name!) where I bought the corn plants for just a pound and we'll see what grows best and what appears to be most resistant to insects, birds and rabb

A Simple Solstice

My Corner Of Our Garden Summer Solstice and Litha blessings to you all! I hope you  all managed to welcome the sun this morning in your own particular way. I had been hoping to do something different to celebrate this year, something unusual to write about, you know something a bit well, snazzy! You'd think I'd have started to learn how this works by now wouldn't you? Well it's been a really hectic couple of weeks at work, so time, energy and inspiration have all been having a bit of a battering, coupled with a poorly and expensive car and trying to save some money for our holiday in a couple of weeks as well as today being Father's Day meant that there really wasn't much chance of doing something all Stonehenge - Solstice 2013 singing and dancing (ok well maybe not too much of that) to celebrate the sunrise this morning. I'd hoped to get to Folkstone to watch the sunrise with the lovely Pagan circle there by the sea, but an hours journey eac

Rhythms and Circles

I hope you've all had a good week? I thought I'd start by sharing this beautiful photo of the rose we planted in our front garden in memory of my lovely Mum in Law that has bloomed so spectacularly this week. It's a rose bush called Darcey Bussell - and it is the same as we have in her final resting place over looking the Deer Park - she would have loved reading this blog, enjoyed hearing about my journey and frequent trips to Avalon too. Next lifetime maybe Wendy x x  It's been a hectic week work wise and apart from my daily practise of calling Goddess in, I've struggled to find time to do anything particularly Goddess inspired. A nagging voice has been telling me that I haven't been dancing as She had asked me to do when She took my hands in a meditation journey. Not really my thing, that gene is one my Mum passed straight to my Performing Acts Student Daughter and my Discovery Circle Sisters will know that it has reduced me to tears in the past! So I real


What a beautiful week I've had! I managed to take a couple of days annual leave Thursday and Friday to enjoy the sunshine with Mark as he was off before heading west to Glastonbury on Saturday with my circle sisters and a chilled family day today - just what I needed to refresh and soothe my heart and soul. Thursday was spent literally snoozing in the sun in our garden,watching the clouds- picking out all sorts of shapes and listening to the birds singing and watching the amorous male wood pigeons puffing up their breast feathers and dancing precariously along the apex of the roofs trying to court their Hens, who looked remarkably unimpressed  - reminding me that the Beltane energy is ever present. On Friday we visited Wild Wood a conservation trust at Herne Common in Kent that provides a home in ancient woodland for native British wildlife. It's one of my favourite places. I particularly love to visit the colony of wolves there,  they have successfully hand reared som