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Wintery Celebrations

Beautiful Sun Setting in the week So, what do you do when you've planned to get up early on a Saturday morning and go for a good old roam around the countryside to reconnect and watch the earth wake up, when you discover you didn't set an alarm, you've slept in until nearly 9 and it's piddling down? It's a bit like the old lemon scenario you can gripe or make lemonade. A bit early for lemonade, so I chose tea and a curl up with some feline friends and catch up on just a bit more reading instead then, whilst making a mental to do list. Catching up on things that I keep meaning to get on with, Blog - it's been a while hasn't it? I've come to the conclusion that I hibernate like a bear or prehistoric ancestor, that emerges from the cave  back into the light yawning and scratching a mop of wild tangled hair, well here I am in all my Goddess bathed glory - PJ clad and attempting to throw something semi coherent together. Certainly