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Honouring Our Mothers

Mother's Day Gifts Mother's Day blessings and love to you all! To all the Mums and Grandmothers with us or in spirit beloved by us, to all the fabulous Step Mums, Big Sisters, Aunties and Godmothers who have stepped in to help nurture and raise other peoples children and to all the Mums who for whatever reason can't be with their precious children.  Without a doubt the toughest  and challenging job there is, but equally by far the most wonderful and rewarding labour of love! Yesterday I was treated to the most scrummy breakfast of cheese and tomato omelette with rocket by Dan and David and today a gift of a beautiful card and an intriguing book that looks right up my street. I have to wait for tomorrow to see my baby as she is working hard all day making sure other people have a fabulous Mother's Day meal out - tomorrow being our day this year for our family to all share a meal and time together. Being me, I was wondering about the roots of Mother's Juno Lu

Heralding Ostara

Symbols of Fertility Ostara blessings to everyone! Day and Night are in perfect harmony again as the wheel turns, the light returns to the land. This spring festival celebrates renewal, rebirth and fertility. Around us we see the land becoming green and plants bursting into life, whist we also sow seeds for summer and autumn crops. The festival or sabbat is probably named after Ostara/Eostra - an ancient German or anglo-Saxon Goddess of dawn and spring who watches over the budding plants and the fertility of the land. Symbols such as eggs and rabbit reflect the fertility of the season, that were then adopted when Christianity arrived and Ostara gave way to Easter: read more on the  Origins of Ostara  here. It's worth making the connection between Ostara/Eostra and the names of female hormones estrogen and progesterone.... This year we had our own abundant Ostara Sylvie and Her Babies surprise, we knew one of our cats Sylvie was expecting in lat

Patterns and Pilgrimages

Spiralling Steam and Smoke Well I've had a bit of a weird week really - one of those weeks where nothing is quite going as I thought, plans get put on hold, leaving me trusting my intuition when it is telling me to expect the unexpected. So there I was having a peaceful bath when I had an odd moment - to be fair I have plenty of them but this was a bit different. Unusually for me I had a leisurely bath in the morning and laid there watching the smoke from the candle mingle with the steam of the bath dancing in meandering spirals, different hues of grey, silver, blue, yellow and white glinting in the sunlight and in the glow of my candle. I remember the complete and total steamy silence and noticed the light seemed oddly yellow, it felt surreal and a little eerie, almost mystical. Straining to hear any sound of the outside world - the silence was broken by a cheerful trilling from a bird in the garden. I didn't think much more of it for a while, I cherish pleasant and odd

Divine Felines

I'd love to say I was feeling totally better this Camera Shy Lola week and full of the joys of spring but that would be a bit of a fib!  This bug is certainly lingering and I've crawled home to bed after work this week and done nothing at all. So much so that I woke this morning worrying about what I could blog about, I had a sort of notion about heading out to explore somewhere today but I felt rough as a badgers arse, no offence to badgers and the weather wasn't enticing me to go anywhere any time soon. Huffing and puffing my disgust, I absent mindedly stroked a cat that had decided my chest was the optimum place for a morning nap, my cat Lola reached her paw out and gently batted my nose in sympathy. Having an imaginary conversation with myself I thought I can't write about cats it's not an 'I Love Cats Blog', Lola batted my nose again and yawned, which I'm pretty sure is cat for 'No you silly woman, but you could research Goddess and cats an