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Written In The Stars

So I wasn't planning on writing a blog today, not at all, I was intending to sort out two funerals instead. No one panic! They're mock ones for me to have a practice at honing my skills, now that drum roll purleease.... I've finished my Funeral Celebrancy training! Hurrah! My lovely friend Laura has very kindly shared her late Grandma's memories with me to practice my eulogy writing skills and my equally lovely friend Jen has kindly agreed to be 'killed off' so that I can practice a virtual funeral via zoom. Not as in the human sacrifice you understand, I don't demand that level of attention to detail!  Anyway that's what I had planned as I sat having a cuppa on the patio, but Goddess had other plans for me and I long ago learned to go with the flow and see where my journey takes me.... Those of you that follow either  @walkingwithmygoddess  on Instagram or  Walking With My Goddess  on Facebook might have seen the beautiful poem above written by t