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The Legend Of Fred the Bat and The Unbalanced Chakra....

Anyone heard the story of this wondrous tale before?  No?  Well that's a shocker!  Certainly the stuff of legends, or maybe nightmares.  It started innocently enough.  Picture the scene... it was a bright summer's  morning, sun shining, bees buzzing busily, birds chirping merrily... Sadly not my Garden! Enter stage left, a certain Goddess loving blogger, all organised and packed ready to explore the woodland charms of Walmer with Folkestone Pagan Circle for their Summer Camp. As she ventured dreamily into her garden all Disney Snow White-Like, singing softly to herself, gathering lemon balm, honeysuckle and hyssop for the smudge stick making craft session she would be lovingly facilitating later (I know they are becoming an obsession) she stopped in horror at the fearsome sight under the gazebo and cried in terror to her handsome luminous yellow Hi-Vis clad warrior - "Mark !! Those bloody cats have left a half mauled bat on the grass." Cue Screeching sou