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2019 - A Year of Change

So 2019 is almost over, not sure where that went! I always find New Year a strange time looking back and looking to the future simultaneously, this year is no different. It was a year of changes, sadly a huge one as we lost my Husband's wonderful Dad, Ben after a short illness in October, so Solstice / Yule / Christmas was tinged with sadness and poignant reminders with it's missing place at the table and it's  bittersweet  memories, not least of all this cushion I made for himself from Ben's old Bowls Shirt..... My father in law was hilarious and even at the very end of his illness - the dreaded C Word, he was as mischievous and quick thinking as ever. I spent a lot of time with him, time that became so precious it was almost magical, he knew he was dying, we knew he was dying and you know what he was ok with it, more so than us, we talked about it and even joked about it. One evening when I arrived to visit him, he was dozing and I hadn't reali

A Visit From The Ancestors

I've been wanting to knuckle down and write something for ages but life has been even more hectic than usual, with Samhain looming I saw the perfect opportunity to get my act together at last. I dreamt up a ritual at a beautiful local sacred site for my local Pagan circle last weekend and then planned a solo ceremony for Samahin itself,  I really should have known better shouldn't I?   One day I'll learn, I promise.... As usual the Goddess had other plans, as time ran out for preparing something new for the group ritual, I resigned myself somewhat dejectedly to reusing the one I wrote last year, hoping desperately not to disappoint anyone with such a simple and basic format.  As it turned out it was actually just right (of course) and people merrily joined in with their own contributions of poems, songs and words weaving their magic round the bones of my simple ritual and bringing the voices and memories of the ancestors to life at the peaceful and enigmatic lon

Morris, Maypoles and Mischievous Masons

Blessed Beltane to Everyone! I hope however you marked the great union of the Goddess and The Green Man it was a celebration. As we both had work the following day and to be honest the thought of getting up super early to watch May Day dawn midweek was not a joyous one, ok we were feeling lazy - we had a Beltane Eve fire and a little ritual in our garden, burying offerings for the Goddess and the Green Man along with a list of our personal aims and achievements to come to fruition and planted some mint that I had impulse purchased on the way home whilst looking at fire pits.....  Quite random I thought until I researched and and found that simple garden  mint   has the spiritual attributes of inner truth and focus, journeying and your personal path as well as focus and clarity. Pretty apt then, coupled with the fact that it's a prolific grower. Let's hope it liked pizza and cider too! Beltane Eve Celebrations You'll be pleased to know that less lazy pagan cel

A Gathering of Women

So,  I had planned to write about my latest  adventure this month, I was due to start a reiki course with my wonderful friend and old neighbour Di yesterday but she was sadly too poorly so we have had to postpone it until a few weeks time. Get well soon Lovely Lady x x  I was all ready, pre course prep done thanks to a variety of Yule gifts from loved ones, excited, well rested and keen.  Reiki Ready... As himself was planning to go out I thought I'd make some alternative plans. Well that wasn't happening: nope, non, nada. Now, by now I've learnt that when life gives you lemons, you freeze them and throw them at your enemies...  no sorry, wrong quote, I meant make lemonade! Watermelon lemonade as it happens that I'd bought to take, so yesterday was spent gently pottering about, organising  a few bits and bobs, planning a few future events and mainly relishing the time to do well, basically a whole lot of nothing!  So this morning drifting awake slowly from my s

Walking With Darkness

Well, guess who's just finally stirred their wintry bones and crawled out from their winter Goddess cave! Hair matted,yawning and  blinking in the light . There's a bit of a habit forming here isn't there? The same thing happened last year, both unintentionally, but I do feel this year's wintery sabbatical was with more intention and purpose. This winter I have explored my darkness with a degree of relish hitherto unknown. Sounds exotic, dark and mysterious doesn't? Summoning the forces from hell from a witches fire? Dancing naked and muttering unmentionable evils? New Year's Fire Hmm, well you know what - I guess in a way, that's what I was doing; Early nights, pyjamas, reading, journalling, meditating, journeying and being creative, but focussing more on my dark self, my fears, my dislikes, my issues, my less positive traits - all very popular at the moment, I'm such a trend setter. Last year I learnt the lesson that sitting with and walking