A Gathering of Women

So, I had planned to write about my latest adventure this month, I was due to start a reiki course with my wonderful friend and old neighbour Di yesterday but she was sadly too poorly so we have had to postpone it until a few weeks time. Get well soon Lovely Lady x x  I was all ready, pre course prep done thanks to a variety of Yule gifts from loved ones, excited, well rested and keen. 

Reiki Ready...

As himself was planning to go out I thought I'd make some alternative plans. Well that wasn't happening: nope, non, nada. Now, by now I've learnt that when life gives you lemons, you freeze them and throw them at your enemies...  no sorry, wrong quote, I meant make lemonade! Watermelon lemonade as it happens that I'd bought to take, so yesterday was spent gently pottering about, organising a few bits and bobs, planning a few future events and mainly relishing the time to do well, basically a whole lot of nothing! 
So this morning drifting awake slowly from my slumber haze, that magical dreamy moment between the worlds of sleep and consciousness, lying snuggled under the duvet, Lola Cat snoozing on (hogging) my pillow, snoring gently, her paws as always lovingly batting me on the nose; I flexed my fingers and thumbs and watched in entranced at my thumb's mundane but intricate and seemingly effortless movements, I realised I didn't know what I was going to write about instead. 

Beautiful Lola Cat - My Feline Shadow

My thumb, wonderful and fascinating as it is, wouldn't really qualify to be the focus of a whole blog. Fear not, as much as my thumb managed to hitch a lift into your world this morning (see what I did there!) the old grey matter managed to fire up the neurons and find a few more ideas for me to wax lyrical about.
So last February I wrote in Spinning In Circles about the  Red Tent, that we had christened the Moon Circle I was starting or birthing for local Pagan Women and promised you an update, well La voila! A year later almost to the day!  I have just re read the article I had written and laughed, I was scared - what were we creating, what if no one came and what if everyone came? I was so nervous that first night waiting for ladies to arrive, candles lit, incense smouldering and soft Goddessy music playing in the background. I'd even begged and borrowed some red drapes to create a suitable ambience!

Setting the Scene

I truly needn't have worried, one year on, we have created a wonder, truly a gift to ourselves. Never has no one come and mercifully neither did everyone ever pile through the door on the same night! As my friend Jenny always said, the right people will be there and that is exactly what happens, there have been 3 of us and there have been 9 of us, from a core group of about a dozen who attend physically and at least another dozen or so who join in and contribute to our online page. It's a fantastic eclectic mix of witchcraft, wicca, druidry, the divine feminine and heathen practices and beliefs. The most beautiful thing about the group is that we have built up such a high level of trust, friendship and free honest conversation. 

A Beautiful Gift That Justina Made For Our Circle 

We meet on the night of the new or dark moon and start as all good gatherings do with a cuppa and a natter, before holding a simple opening circle. Sometimes we drum and sing a song that was brought to us, other times we call in the quarters/elements North, East, South and West - Earth, Air, Fire and Water, the Goddess, The Gods, Spirits of Place and The Ancestors - all dependant on who is there and how people want to do it. Next we have a sharing circle where we are open about how we are feeling and any events that have happened since we last held our space, here where we are vowed to keep everyone's confidences I have felt a deepening trust and bond that is so far unshakable, there are no words of shame or judgement in this circle, no issue is too small, tears, frustrations and anger are welcomed, listened to and honoured, sometimes just witnessed, whatever is needed. Vital in today's 24/7 lifestyle and rat race.

Making Moon Salt

After our sharing circle we  have a discussion such as  juggling stress, our experiences of periods and childbirth, even death planning or talk about a subject, last month we all did some 'homework' and all brought some information about a Goddess of Spring to share which worked really well. 
It's only right that we should break for tea, cake and nibbles at this point, ok so it's an all out feast of whatever everyone has brought! This always results in lively chatter, much hilarity and howls of laughter with himself good naturedly banished to the upper level of the house when it's held at mine, not that I think even he would want to brave the melee round the kitchen table! 

Our Autumn Mandala

After this, we usually have a craft activity, a memorable one being creating our own Moon Salt - which we later found out is slang for Crystal Meth! - popular night that! We blended it as a group adding oils, herbs and then took some home in jars to use as a protective and aromatic salt for our home, not edible I hasten to add! Other creative activities have been drumroll please..... making smudge sticks of course, as well as that, we have also made a beautiful Autumn Mandala for Autumn equinox with leaves, chestnuts, berries etc gleaned from our gardens, created Witch Balls filled with herbs, plants, charms and spells  to protect our homes and loved ones, made Vision Boards to express and capture our hopes, aims and dreams and regularly practising our tarot and oracle card reading on each other. We've been busy!

Beautiful Witch Ball

We've even got a mini retreat booked for next month, when 8 of us are going away for a weekend to do Goddessy Girl Stuff - meditations, crystal therapy, a psychic development circle, singing and drumming, vision boarding and some crafts to name but a few of the activities. To put it mildly, we have blossomed!

This is what we've evolved in our sisterhood, I know other people do different things at different groups, but if you are interested I'd really recommend visiting and joining one or starting your own if that feels right for you! It has definitely highlighted a need amongst our circle and community to nourish ourselves, our souls and our lives, even our families have commented on how much we appear to get out of it.

Ladies have a look at these links if you are interested in finding one: Moon Woman or Red Tent Directory these cover UK, Europe, USA, Canada and Australia
Gents - you can read more about WhiteTent Movement too.
These links also contain information and ideas on how to start one too!

Have A Truly Blessed Week  x x 


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