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Blessed Beltain

Traditional Maypole Dancing Blessed Beltain -  Blessings of love, fire, fertility and passion to you all!  Beltain or Beltane is celebrated on 30th April - May Eve, often when bonfires are lit and/or 1st May.  Traditionally Beltain celebrated the union of the Goddess and the God, their glorious fertility over the coming months seen in the green leafy finery  budding and delicate flowers blossoming across  the land. A time for animals to mate and for us to revel in our sexuality - the traditional custom of dancing round the Maypole a cheekily phallic symbol of the male form adorned with flowery and leafy garlands representing  the female form, the entwining of ribbons around it by 'maidens' revelling in the act! Reflecting the changes in the land around us, this was a time for courtship, with couples sloping off into the woods at the Beltain fires and a flurry of hand fastings or marriages a few months later when the signs of ensuing fertility had come to light!  It'

A Marvellous Medley

A Surprise Thank You! Well another week has flown past, another week when a delicious medley of seemingly unconnected threads have magically woven themselves together in the end to make a rich tapestry as the backdrop along my path.  A beautiful surprise winged it's way to me this week, I came home from work to find this wonderful card and present as a thank you from my lovely circle sister Tina who came to stay with her daughter a few weeks ago and gave my baby kitten some much needed healing reiki. Fabulous CD with songs and chants bringing the essence of Goddess from all around the world and all cultures, a timely message that many paths entwine and blend to make each journey.... Thank you Tina!  Another beautiful surprise was the gift of these beautiful crystals from my not so 'little' brother Paul and his girlfriend Nikki. Must really be my week for blessings. They said it was a belated birthday present despite sending me a gorgeous flower basket on the day, he

April Blessings

Tiny Sunny April Greetings to you all!  Been a bit busy round here, I've been too busy dealing with life and then living it to the full to sit down and write much about it! My family has seen too much of hospitals the last two weeks but we're all home and in one piece, so all is good. Makes you count your blessings though. One of our blessings is that Tiny Tim the little runt of Sylvie's litter is finally putting on weight after a very dicey start and much bottle feeding, here he is pictured receiving some Reiki treatment from my lovely circle sister Tina, the weight started going on the next Tiny Bottle day, so never say never.. I have to say it has been like having a baby in some ways, feeds during the night and wandering round with a small snuffling thing clinging on to my top and getting milk in my hair!  His bottle was as big as he was, I have left it on my altar next to a tealight to show you the scale. Reiki and a place on my Goddess Altar appear to be pro