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Wind Wailing - The Cailleach's Voice

Hello Everyone! It's been a while I know! 2020 just got crazy didn't it? I have been so busy with so many things, work and so many other projects.  So I thought I'd ease myself back in to the swing of blogging again and share this little piece of writing with you that I wrote for my Sunday morning live today on my Facebook  page which I also upload to a YouTube channel of the same name if you would like to hear me read it but don't do Facebook . Perfect for such a cold and frosty morning here! So this week I have been looking at The Cailleach and wrote this. I titled it The Wind Wailer as the sound of the wind as it rushes past our house makes me think of Icy Winter Goddesses and as it squeezes through the vents it calls in an unearthly wail that exactly fits my imaginings of the voice of the Cailleach! I hope you enjoy it x x  The Wind Wailer I am Cailleach. Cailleach BhÊarra, Cailleach Bear. Bone Woman, Stone Woman. Goddess of W