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Ancestral Paths

Samhain Blessings to You All! I don't know about you but these long, dark nights really intensify the thinning veil at this time of year for me. The brooding dark skies with their fiery colours of Samhain streaked with dark swirls make me think of restless spirits waiting to cross back over, seeking loved ones. Hopefully some of mine are drawing near! This year as always they have been around me throughout the year, not merely lingering patiently in some celestial waiting room for just one night of visiting.  October Sunset What I have noticed is their quiet presence throughout the year; with it building and becoming more apparent at certain times, depending on where I am, whose company I am in and what we are doing - including the evening when my wonderful, gifted friend Naomi asked me who the old man was in my front room during a Moon Circle and my equally fabulous and gifted friend Shirley agreed and said how much he looked like me. This came just days after the real