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Resting With The Maiden

Window Altar So, not for the first time, the plans I'd made for my week off seemed to differ with what Goddess had in store for me. I'd thought I might visit a few new places, explore some new ground - you get the idea, but no a hacking cough, rotten cold and feeling like the proverbial pile of pooh put paid to that! Plans were initially adapted or postponed. My first reaction was one of intense irritation, 'it's not fair!' an old whine of mine from childhood and a tantrum felt like it was brewing up, I could have literally stamped my feet. After taking to my bed wrapped in a sleeping bag and duvet, followed by a morning sulking on the sofa and watching trash tv for an hour or two, I gave myself a stern talking to and to my delight my inner child cast a speculative and bored eye around to see what I could do instead and how else I could amuse myself. Oh the possibilities. Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Sleeping... Despite not feeling up to venturing out a

Retracing The Maiden's Journey

Ker - Goddess of Grain This week I have been like a child waiting for the school holidays to come, waiting impatiently for a blessed week off work. Days have seemed so long - I'm pretty sure there were more hours in the day last Friday than normal! To add to that, I feel like I have driven all over the entire length and breadth of Kent over the previous week, but hurrah it finally arrived and it looks like spring is definitely here too! Everywhere I look, new life is starting to bud and peep out of the hedgerows at me and so many facebook posts of beautiful daffodils and snowdrops have delighted me and kept me sane through the week. You'll be pleased to know that I have 'finished' my painting I showed you last week, I was going to do some more to it, but the arm chair art critics here have decreed it gorgeous as it is and it has taken pride of place in the kitchen, for now at least. Still full of lively and adventurous maiden energy, I have treated myself to some

Full Moon Artistry

Lunar Halo Snow Moon Greetings to you all!  Well according to my almanac it could also be Ice or Storm Moon - they all seem pretty appropriate this week.  Lady Moon seemed to be hiding form me last when she was at her fullest but I certainly  felt the pulse and flow of her energy and power as she waxed throughout the week. Did anyone else see the spectacular Lunar Halo on Tuesday?  Not the best of photos to the left but you can still make out the dark ring surrounding the moon.  Also known as a 22 degree halo, they are due to the moonlight refracted through the ice crystals in the earths atmosphere, bending the rays of light at 22 degrees (hence the boring scientific name!) which produces a circle we call a halo. When they also have colours to them they are known as Moonbows. They usually predict a storm or ice and snow - bang on with latter as we woke up Saturday to surprise layer of snow - a wintery veil that went as quickly as it came. Looks like that myth about the Callieach

Imbolc - The Maiden Returns

Post Imbolc Sunrise     Imbolc Blessings To You All! The wheel turns, the Crone has finally retreated to her bleak cave to sleep the long sleep and the Maiden has awoken, slowly bringing spring with her, full of fire and energy, new life follows in gleeful wake. The light returns and the land warms at her touch! The origins and exact date of Imbolc are much debated as it's pronunciation! Some people pronounce the b, others silence it  and say Im-Olc and others say it with a g at the end where the c is ... Im-olg ! Likewise some people celebrate on 1st February, some on 2nd and some paths don't mark it at all. However you say it and whenever you celebrate- I hope you had a good one! It is often also called Candlemas or Brigid's Day (usually pronounced as Breed - not that any of us were around to know!) The Goddess have given birth to the spring, the maiden or the God depending on your individual path. It is known as a Sabbat of purification where we open up to