Resting With The Maiden

Window Altar
So, not for the first time, the plans I'd made for my week off seemed to differ with what Goddess had in store for me. I'd thought I might visit a few new places, explore some new ground - you get the idea, but no a hacking cough, rotten cold and feeling like the proverbial pile of pooh put paid to that! Plans were initially adapted or postponed. My first reaction was one of intense irritation, 'it's not fair!' an old whine of mine from childhood and a tantrum felt like it was brewing up, I could have literally stamped my feet. After taking to my bed wrapped in a sleeping bag and duvet, followed by a morning sulking on the sofa and watching trash tv for an hour or two, I gave myself a stern talking to and to my delight my inner child cast a speculative and bored eye around to see what I could do instead and how else I could amuse myself. Oh the possibilities. Reading, Writing, Drawing, Painting, Sleeping...
Despite not feeling up to venturing out as
Healing Salt Crystal
Candle Holder
planned to nearby Canterbury with my wonderful Circle Sister Tina and her daughter from Somerset who were stopping over for a couple of nights to attend Uni Interviews, we still managed to sit up late and discuss all manner of theories and practices, priestess training, healing and even Yoni Steaming (Yoni - Sanskrit word for Womb), bouncing all kinds of ideas off each other, laughing giggling and confiding like a pair of school girls! I think we would have caused mayhem if we had known each other as teenagers!

I felt better the next day, not quite well enough to take my parents out for the whole day somewhere a bit further afield  and treat them as planned, but well enough to be treated to a ride out with Mum and Dad to the coast for a couple of hours in the afternoon, sitting in the back of the car, feeling child like with their dog dozing on my lap, enjoying the chance to watch the view for once as Dad drove pointing things out along the way - 'Ooh look Llamas!' or 'sheep with really long necks?' - Alpacas then and Mum making sure I had my hat and gloves on when we got to Hastings, tutting loudly that I didn't have a scarf and pulling my coat zip right up. I'm not sure who was more disappointed myself or Mum, when 'your wafty shop' as she has renamed
A Ritual Cleansing
it was closed due to the owner being poorly, but not for long as she discovered a new one had opened just along the street that sold all manner of Pagan/Witchy crystals, incense, jewelry, tarot cards etc Dragging me in, Mum enjoying the wares as much as me, picking things up and asking me what they were for, when they would be used before our eyes alighted on a lovely Salt Crystal tea light holder that 'we' decided I'd like! We had a late lunch in a beautiful 17th Century pub where I relished in being fussed over by these very special and wonderful people, losing the battle to pay for the meal and quietly put my purse away as duly instructed, Mum reading out the leaflet that came with my new acquisition informing me that it had healing properties. 

The next day, inspired by the healing information that kept presenting itself to me, I decided that it was a sign that I was neglecting myself a little and although I was
Rosemary and Sage Cleansing Steam
feeling better I would use this time to cleanse the house of my lurgy as well as myself. So after cleansing the house with some special incense, wandering from room to room, ridding it of all the stale energy and refreshing it, calling in the energy and intentions of the Maiden, I turned my thoughts to myself and started with a good old menthol steaming for my cold, spluttering and sneezing like a wild thing, red eyed and streaming I decided something more gentle was in order next. Now this next bit may not be for all of you, you have been warned! Inspired by late night conversations and some research I decided that I would try a Yoni Steam - 
More on Yoni Steaming . Now this basically involves sitting over a bowl of steaming water, the idea being to cleanse your womb. I chose to use some rosemary and sage that I had, I have to say as odd as it may seem it really did feel invigorating, even if I did feel like a bit of a wally wrapped up in and old kaftan and a load of towels and squatting like a precarious Buddha! If you are interested read the link above as there as some times when you shouldn't do it - when you are pregnant for example.
Not Bad For A First Attempt
I managed to finish my week spending some quality time with some dear friends - a spot of pay day retail therapy and lunch with one of my best friends, which included us encouraging each other to try something new in out favourite craft shop - Tracie came away with some wool with pom poms on to knit goodness knows what and I managed to find something that I never knew I always wanted - a wood burning tool! That adventurous maiden energy was running a bit riot! Himself asked what I was going to burn with it, 'wood?' was my helpful reply! I had a little tinker with it tonight with a bit of my old christmas tree - I think I'll drill a hole in it and use this as an incense stick holder!
To finish off my week I had my beautiful friend Cher and her dog over for a girlie sleepover, everyone was out so we sat in our pj's wrapped in snuggly fleeces, laughing and giggling until our faces hurt, had the odd (ahem -several) drinks and munched out on lots of yummy food like a pair of teenage girls!
Not quite the week I had planned, but obviously the one that I needed and the one I was supposed to have. A spot of research before writing tonight has informed me that Bridie/Brigit/Brigit/Brighid the Maiden Goddess who is especially connected to Imbolc and Candlemas is particularly known for her associations with poetry, healing, smithcraft and midwifery - well that explains a lot!

Have  A Blessed Week x x 


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