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Voices From The Past

So Samhain approaches, the veil thins, the ancestors draw near. In eerie early morning mists we catch sight of lingering spirits perhaps, peer fretfully as the last rays of the sun slipping away earlier and earlier, painting the sky a myriad of moody orange or blood red and try to ignore twilight shadows that hover on the edge of our vision... I love it! Up early one morning in the week, I ran a steaming bath and lay there watching with the light of a lone candle as the steam spiraled lazily out of the window, silently and slowly battling the mist that was endeavouring to seep in, snakelike against a  grey skyline that changed gradually from steel to silver. Relishing the warmth of the bath, I watched as they duelled together, envisaging that ancient spirits were rising from their rest and seeking us out. A bit fanciful but you get the idea! The sunsets have been spectacular too, this one below from last week... Our trip away was feast of ancient sites, all beautiful and breathta

Catching Up...

Hurrah - finally, proper internet again!!  Whatever did we do without it? It seems like so long ago that I wrote anything here that I'm at a loss as to where to start! I've still been roaming around the countryside and doing all my weird and wonderful things, it feels like it would take forever to catch up.... I think  this week I'll simply start with sharing some photos from our holiday to Orkney, Scotland and Lindisfarne back in the beginning of September, it feels like a distant memory itself now, so looking back through the photos has been a joyous pleasure on a Sunday afternoon. I'll let the photos do most of the talking - they can do it much better than me... The glorious view from our cottage Old Point at Orphir, Orkney; just ten metres from the sea - no internet, no phone signal, miles from anywhere - just the sound of the sea, the birds and the wind - a totally perfect retreat for 5 nights. The stunning sunset from there too - overlooking the islan