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Unexpected Connections

Early Morning Sun in Linton Well I think it's fair to say that any remaining cobwebs have been completely blown away this week in the wake of hurricane Barney, torrential rain as well as a snow shower yesterday morning! I've felt so much more connected to Goddess this week, my daily practice has been natural and unhurried again, allowing me to focus again and feel the Crone energy around me: re-evaluating, clearing, clarifying and sharing a glimpse of ancient wisdom with me. Some unsought, some asked for, all of it a powerful learning curve, that will shape me and will help me grow, harsh lessons though they may be.  In particular this week the Crone energies have probably very naturally shouting ancestors and Motherline to me. After having a chance to chat with cousins I haven't seen for years, since past funerals and also meeting a cousin that even my Dad hasn't seen for 46 years, our accidental chance of birth into the same 'clan' gives us a shared DNA,


Solitary nest in a tree Late post again this week, sorry everyone - the end of the week seemed to evaporate and I hadn't managed to finish reining in all my thoughts that were whirling round my head by the time it came to write them down, they were elusive to say the least. Even grounding and calling Goddess in this week has felt perfunctual and I've felt a lack of depth, if that makes sense. I thought the week finally had come when there would be gap! However after trailing round half the shops in town with my son who suddenly realised that he needed a suit for the funeral the next day as his no longer fitted him, I literally decided to take to the hills, I wonder if that's where the phrase came from....fleeing to higher ground and departing quickly! Anyway off I shot to our lovely North Downs to escape the maelstrom gusting round my head and literally blow the cobwebs away. Kits Coty House  At one of my favourite haunts the evocative Kits Coty House, I braved the

Surrounded by Trees

The Crone What's been on my mind this week?  Not surprisingly perhaps - d eath, what happens afterwards, trees that look like brains and Goddess in her Crone aspect, not at all as grim as it sounds - I promise you! I thought I'd also share some art with you this week, this is an old oil crayon sketch I did earlier this year of Ceridwen the Crone weaving her magic huddled round her cauldron, in some other world under Glastonbury Tor, not a bear which it looks a bit like according to my son! When I did a meditation journey to meet Goddess as Crone a vision of Her flashed into my head immediately, it took a while for me to track the image down but eventually I realised it was a sketch my beautiful cousin Rachel had shown me of her A level art a couple of years ago, bless her, she has very kindly sent me  a photo of the finished work...   By Kind Permission of Rachel Weeden    It is is even more amazing than I remember, I know you will all agree, what a very talented yo

The Veil Thins

A Blessed Samhain to You All Samhain Sunset As some of you may have gathered, the veils between the worlds have been painfully thin for our family this week, as a much loved member of family passed over very unexpectedly. Nearly at the end of his gruelling chemo and radiotherapy, complications set in for my cousin Kev, who was so much more like a big brother to me. Mercifully for him it was quick and hopefully he was comforted in his last hours by having us all around him, reminiscing and talking about family members and parties, past present and future. I'd like to think that we eased his soul's passing, surrounding him with warmth, love and laughter.  One day he will tell me how annoying I was, I'm sure.  I wasn't quite convinced about lighting a candle for him on my altar to my Goddess as he had no faith of his own, but I did and simply asked that he was greeted with love and that he walked and talked with all our ancestors old and more recent, he loved his