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The Wheel Turns

Spindle Berries...Who Knew? Well I'm happy to report that I finally found the moon and when I did she was as gorgeous as ever! It took me a while to put a name or some sense to the wild craving that was encircling me last week, until it occurred to me that I was feeling the Crone energy creeping in. The change of energy always seems to catch me unawares, as though I'll suddenly wake up at  the next Sabbat miraculously full of a new archetype energy, I'm still on such a learning curve. So this weekend I was planning a bit of an escape, clambering up a hill, yes really, me up a hill and finding some time for quiet meditation.  Oh how Goddess must have been laughing.....  One frantic phone call later from a dear friend who having been let down at the last minute desperately needed a babysitter on Saturday and I had acquired the wonderful James, a fabulous and very lively 10 year old lad for the night. The rain deterred us from a moonlit walk through the fields with torche

Call of The Wild

A Slightly Camera Shy Lola Aww bless her, look who I woke up to this morning, Lola sitting on my chest and purring like a furry machine gun. If I could just train her to bring up a cuppa it would be perfect!  Now is it me, or has anyone else lost the Moon this week?! I know she's up there somewhere, but we've had such cloudy nights that I've yet to have even a glimpse of a slither of moon light. After a year or more of noting down my moods, feelings, artistic waves, meditations and the changes in my body, instinct told me that we were starting the new phase, but no sign as yet of the Ivy Moon as this one is known, according to my lunar diary. The 'artistic' wave was in A Splash of Colour full flow when I decided to splash some more colour into our lounge, orange again to compliment the cushions, this time vibrant Chinese lanterns. I wonder if anyone had shopping envy and were inspired like I was the other week! I haven't seen any growing for years - my

Gifts From The Land

Mist At Yalding Leas I hope you've all had a fantastic week. My daily drive to work has become a temporary journey through a magical misty kingdom, the October mists are hanging in the trees and hovering over the dew laden grass or a blanket of red and gold leaves, anything or anyone could run out of the veil between the lands...unicorns, dragons, witches and fairies, or in most cases lately, sheep! I keep meaning to take my camera with me, as waving my phone about really isn't a good idea, nor terribly legal... I managed to remember later this week, it isn't the best photo but at least I was stationary at lights waiting to cross the river, where the mist was circling upwards like autumn wraiths and totally breath taking.  Friday saw me on a road trip heading to Surrey for a training day, Rebound Therapist Refresher Course -  for the curious, this is basically  therapeutic exercises on a trampoline for people with additional support needs and meant as well as retraini

Seasonal Hotchpotch

So who managed to get up and see the Super Blood Moon Just Capturing the Eclipse at the Top Right Corner  Total Eclipse then?   I have to admit that when my alarm went off at 3.30 that for a split second I thought about turning it off and turning back over! I was really glad I didn't though, after taking a cursory peep out of the bathroom window to make sure I could actually see anything, I was amazed at just how red and beautiful it was and went outside for a better look and tried to get some pictures. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it was the best I could get and according to National Geographic, we won't see another one until 2033 and there have only been 5 since 1900! Remember these two  Little Foals? I'm really enjoying walking through the fields to Pilates at the moment, which is handy as we're still down to one car! The foals in the first field are rapidly growing and are less shy, though one of the Mothers still keeps a beady eye and trots ov