Gifts From The Land

Mist At Yalding Leas
I hope you've all had a fantastic week. My daily drive to work has become a temporary journey through a magical misty kingdom, the October mists are hanging in the trees and hovering over the dew laden grass or a blanket of red and gold leaves, anything or anyone could run out of the veil between the lands...unicorns, dragons, witches and fairies, or in most cases lately, sheep! I keep meaning to take my camera with me, as waving my phone about really isn't a good idea, nor terribly legal... I managed to remember later this week, it isn't the best photo but at least I was stationary at lights waiting to cross the river, where the mist was circling upwards like autumn wraiths and totally breath taking. 

Friday saw me on a road trip heading to Surrey for a training day, Rebound Therapist Refresher Course -  for the curious, this is basically  therapeutic exercises on a trampoline for people with additional support needs and meant as well as retraining, I had the chance to spend a much needed day
Autumn Hedgerow Sun
with my former colleague and very dear friend Cher. Whilst travelling back, somewhere between Penshurst and Tonbridge, sorry I really can't be more specific we were a little off piste (ahem, lost!) in the back roads but were enchanted by the tunnel of high banks we found ourselves in, that held the visible tree roots back, under the arched canopy of green and golden leaves, like an aisle in the cathedral of nature and it felt like the land was trying to reclaim the tarmac scar on it's skin, the gorgeous Cher who doesn't necessarily agree with my weird "hippy dippy" views but loves me anyway, supports me  and always reads my blog pointed out that I could write about this adventure this week. As I was nodding agreement a beautiful young doe walked out in the road and simply gazed at us without fear, whilst we hushed ourselves and stared in awe, before she trotted elegantly across the road and nimbly down the hill where she stood and watched us for a while before blending back into the camouflage of the trees. What a beautiful couple of minutes......Elen of the Ways came to mind immediately, thank you Goddess for that brief but powerful and enchanting connection, that I could share with a friend too.

Herbs Drying on the Dresser
How rock and roll am I?, Saturday night was spent making a cat mint mouse for my beloved clowder of cats (3 or more), also known as a clutter or a glaring, or a 'dowt' or a 'destruction' if you are referring to wild cats, which anyone who has ever left a chicken joint out will understand.... Cat mint is one of the herbs that I've harvested  from our allotment. Yes, I'm a crazy cat lady, and no I don't care who knows it! Those of you who read my very first blog will know that my lovely LuLu bought me a book entitled 'Gifts from the Garden' for my birthday back in April 
Unimpressive Sewing ...
and page 62/63 got the first attempt from the be fair to start with, the cats did look pretty spectacularly unimpressed by my sewing skills. The magic happened when I started stripping the leaves from the dried cat mint, George was insistent on getting on the table and tried to eat the leaves. 

After I stuffed the first offering, named Trevor by the kids, with toy filling and a couple of teaspoons of cat mint, they
George and his New Toy
appeared from nowhere and took it in turns to hug, cuddle and then generally kick the living daylights out of of it! Success! Alpha Male George took it to sleep on his (my new cushions) favourite cushion with him, lucky mouse! Surprisingly it was still in one piece this morning, albeit a bit soggy, I don't want to think about that too much! Inspired I sewed the rest of them up today and filled them to put away for Christmas/Yule (Yes, really) Shush don't tell them! It doesn't send them scatty like cat nip but they sure do love it! 

Whilst this sewing frenzy was taking place I also watched a documentary about a year on the life of Oak Trees, that I had recorded.Who knew a 400 year old tree would have approximately 700,000 leaves and produce enough oxygen to completely sustain an adult human for a year? Best we plant some more. I would never have watched a programme like this a couple of years ago, it just goes to show how my life has changed and the level of my interest in the world around me now, how I connect with the land and the changes that happen daily, weekly, by season as I have started to walk with Her - Thank You  Ker x x 
A few Rose Hips

I also managed to have a quick forage of the fields today for the rose hips I had seen on the way to pilates in the week, for either jelly or wine, which I have frozen until I have enough, apparently this will help the enzymes break down for both - you live and learn! I'm always so full of creative energy as the moon wanes and disappears,the ideas and sketches to paint rush through me in this last week and that still feels odd, like it should build instead as the moon waxes, which is when my meditations increase in instance, depth and intensity! Go with the flow Claire.....

Have a Blessed Week x x 

Herbs Drying On My Dresser


The Nearly Finished Mice 


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