Seasonal Hotchpotch

So who managed to get up and see the Super Blood Moon
Just Capturing the Eclipse
at the Top Right Corner
 Total Eclipse then?  

I have to admit that when my alarm went off at 3.30 that for a split second I thought about turning it off and turning back over! I was really glad I didn't though, after taking a cursory peep out of the bathroom window to make sure I could actually see anything, I was amazed at just how red and beautiful it was and went outside for a better look and tried to get some pictures. The photo doesn't do it justice, but it was the best I could get and according to National Geographic, we won't see another one until 2033 and there have only been 5 since 1900!
Remember these two
 Little Foals?
I'm really enjoying walking through the fields to Pilates at the moment, which is handy as we're still down to one car! The foals in the first field are rapidly growing and are less shy, though one of the Mothers still keeps a beady eye and trots over protectively if they come too close to me, I know how she feels proud, protective and wary but knowing she has to let them find their own way! 
I deliberately give myself extra 'stopping and staring time'  to walk down, which really allows me to connect with Ker and the land. It's subtle weekly changes as the wheel turns, such as the trees beginning to shed their leaves
Branches from the same tree,
 one bare,one still green
 against the sunset.... 
like golden confetti, some still clinging on like reluctant drunken revellers at a party and the sudden abundance of shiny bright red berries, including some holly ones this week herald the changing seasons and the forth coming deep sleep of the land. By the time I get to the old church where I do my class, the sun is low in the sky and dark when I come out, all in a short hour. 
Anyone Else Seeing
an Acorn?
As I said the class is in a nearby church - West Farleigh which is 11th Century in origin and an unusual but fabulous setting for a pilates class. It is deeply carpeted for anyone who wonders about my sanity, health and skeletal well being rolling around on a stone floor! I really enjoy the peace and the quality time to just breathe and be aware of my body, envisaging bones and muscles moving seamlessly, even if the reality is a bit more clumsy!  I am always fascinated by the font cover, which is unusually (according to a 'Westie' local of the Far Leighs, we be Easties!) in the middle of the church as opposed to being at the back or main entrance, the cover and the font itself resembles a huge acorn to me at least - which feels like it represents fertility and could be a nod to the changing seasons and pre Christian beliefs, which makes me happy!
Happy Birthday
 Lovely Lu! 

Last night we went out to a party to celebrate the 50th Birthday of my oldest friend Lu (she of May Day Morris Dancing, Stone and Tree Hugging renown) in friendship terms not actual years bless her -  I have literally known her all my life and we have spent many an afternoon, evening or even days discussing all things weird, wonderful, Goddess, magick, ley lines, crystals, witches  - you name it and visiting ancient sites both local and further afield including a mad summer solstice at Stonehenge! Never been to Glastonbury together yet, so am adding that to my to do list! Fabulous night with plenty of ale, cider and live music. Awesome! So just adding a photo of us because I can and I want to!    Happy 50th Birthday  Darling Girl!! 

Looking through 11th, 4th and
14th century structures...
Today we decided to drive to the outskirts of nearby Faversham, about half an hour away and visit the ancient Stone Chapel there, an online acquaintance has often mentioned it so we decided to take a look. It is unusual in that this former chapel stands on the site of pagan/pre Roman burials and probable ceremonial buildings or archaeology which was then incorporated in the flint built chapel itself.The oldest part of the walls dates to 4th century. As we approached, I very strongly felt the need to ground myself again, and reaching the flint walls themselves I  was instantly aware of the power and
Flint Walls, Cemented
 with Sand and Shells
strength of the energy there, not negative but just so potent -which I won't lie worried me! It felt like a hundred voices were talking and vying for my attention when I tried to ground, I had to restart and quell the clamour in my head which took considerable effort and concentration. As I tried to explain to Mark, for the first time ever I could see and sense him really questioning if I had lost it! Voices quelled and grounding complete, I felt comfortable  and confident to step over the threshold and enter the old church. 

Mystery Orb, seemingly
 below the line of the Sun
Despite it's proximity to the main A2 , constantly pulsing with cars and lorries, the surrounding fields and adjacent wooded area, which for the record I was convinced I had seen movement in as we walked over the field to it made it feel curiously secluded. It wasn't until we got back in the car and I looked at the photos that I found this orb, (and another one in another photo in the same place) - in the ancient 4th century part - the red flat tiles marking it out as specific to that era, exactly below where I had decided to leave my modest offering of berries and leaves from our garden, a splash of my apple wine, and where I lit a candle of thanksgiving for the continued abundance in my life.
(I took the candle back home to be Eco aware) 
It wasn't until we drove home after popping into Faversham to have a mooch round the Sunday Market and randomly seeing Sir Bob Geldolf walking past us - (sorry name drop there!) that I remembered that my Nan's Grandmother Sarah Maria came from Ospringe, very near to where the Stone Chapel is! The Motherline whispers to me again....

Have a Blessed Week x x 

Offering and Candle
Looking through The Flint...


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