The Wheel Turns

Spindle Berries...Who Knew?
Well I'm happy to report that I finally found the moon and when I did she was as gorgeous as ever! It took me a while to put a name or some sense to the wild craving that was encircling me last week, until it occurred to me that I was feeling the Crone energy creeping in. The change of energy always seems to catch me unawares, as though I'll suddenly wake up at  the next Sabbat miraculously full of a new archetype energy, I'm still on such a learning curve. So this weekend I was planning a bit of an escape, clambering up a hill, yes really, me up a hill and finding some time for quiet meditation. 
Oh how Goddess must have been laughing.....  One frantic phone call later from a dear friend who having been let down at the last minute desperately needed a babysitter on Saturday and I had acquired the wonderful James, a fabulous and very lively 10 year old lad for the night. The rain deterred us from a moonlit walk through the fields with torches to look for bats (we're mad not crazy you know!) However we did get to finish decorating pumpkins and trial my new glass paints out decorating glass jars as tea light holders as well as a passing cat before watching a film. 
Clouds Not Vapour Trails...
The following day after a night  sleeping on a camp made on the lounge floor, which was not as comfortable as I remember them to be or maybe it's just my pre Crone bones, the sun was shining. After my lovely charge had asked me why I had a corn lady and candles on my window sill, loved the fact that I had made it myself and that it was my special place to remember and enjoy all the seasons in the year, I decided that he really would love to climb around the hills with me and I realised that the wildness and solitude calling to me could equally be a different perspective and what better than that of a child's, especially one who was talking about different Gods and Goddesses particularly ancient Greek ones,
A Goddess Welcome
asking if there was deity for door hinges, a blacksmith type one I suggested  and creating stories about Space Vikings with me....

The park I had seen on the way home last week was on top of the North Downs so we eagerly explored the park greeted by a curiously Goddess like wood sculpture. We found all the berries I had seen previously and more, we now know what spindle berries look like (I've never heard of them!) as well as finding redcurrants, blackcurrants and more rose hips than even I could 'glean'. At the peak of the hill we found the site of an Iron Age enclosure and learnt that far from being a hill top fort to protect themselves from marauding bands of ferocious enemies, these were the arable and cultivated farming
Harvested Corn Field
areas available above the dense valley forests below them and that the site pre-dated the Roman excavations found further down the hill. After over an hour exploring the hills, admiring the breath taking views, avoiding cow pats, watching circling hawks, happily getting muddy and climbing round the ruined walls of the 11th Century Thurnham Castle James called me excitedly to the side of the hill, "Look! Look!" he yelled and hugged me  "You'll like's a Corn Field" Wow! thank you James and thank you Ker for finding me and bringing me into your Crone energy when I least expected it. 

Have a Blessed Week and Enjoy Samhain, however you Celebrate x x 


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