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Hail and well met.....

I've had  such a fantastic  and busy week, it's difficult to know where to start, perhaps with an advance apology about the random selection of photos I'll be using as some of them are quite old. I've met a lot of new people in my journey this week, so whipping my camera out every 5 minutes didn't feel appropriate and also I probably wouldn't have been invited back!  A Face in the Countless Stones?  I'm very proud to say that I attended the inaugural meeting of Maidstone Pagans at Fortify a gorgeous vegan cafe in Maidstone. We had a small but lovely eclectic mixture of local people, our interests ranging from those of us journeying with the Goddess, Witches (as opposed to Wiccans - I learned how different their paths can be) a Lady interested in Crystals and some people who were just curious to discover more. Very quickly we discovered that despite our differing paths we all had common ground in the form of our love of nature and a respect for our

A New Direction

Shameles Stone Selfie! Well a very interesting week for me! As you know, I've had several weeks of not quite 'feeling it', feeling as though the energy I was working with was not right for me and what I'm doing, which has been a bit frustrating and also upsetting. Nestling in a Corn Field On Monday afternoon I found myself unexpectedly finishing my work day near the North Downs and driving past the site the less well known Little Kits Coty House, known locally as The Countless Stones, just down the hill from the more famous Kits Coty House, where I went for May Day. Usually I've driven past before I've remembered it's there, but on this occassion I was feeling reflective and so I pulled over and went for a wander as well as a wonder.   These stones  were thought to have originally been a standing structure, but have now collapsed and lie on top of each other, making it almost impossible to accurately count them, hence their local name, also some

Planting Paths Less Travelled...

Wild Poppies on Our Allotment Well another changeable week and I'm not just talking about the weather!  I've still felt like I have been  struggling to connect with Ker at this week and with hind sight I've realised that on several occassions I have rushed my morning rituals of grounding and calling Her in as I try to fit everthing into my busy day. Since then I have tried to take more time to devote to myself and talking with Ker and gradually I feel like I am reconnecting with Her, making the overused term 'quality time' and allowing myself to really feel the words that I am saying rather than just repeating words out of habit. Self Seeded Cornflowers in our Front Garden From my initial meditation journey last year, poppies and cornflowers have been a constant feature and by the end of this week the Wild Poppies have come into bloom on our allotment and these beautiful wild corn flowers that have self seeded in our front garden over the last few years b

Lunar Musings

Finally! Apologies for posting so late - it's been one of those weeks.....  Nothing awful - just one of those weeks when nothing has gone to plan and I seem to be going round in circles. My new phone which had some beautiful pictures of walks and the allotment I was planning to post has decided to hide,if not delete them, computers are freezing on me, I've got my appointments muddled, resulting in fasting for a blood test for one morning that was actually the following day and generally far from feeling the warmth and love of the Lover that I have been calling in daily - I've  pretty much been a grumpy old mare. I very rarely read my tarot cards these days but as you can see I chose the moon, and even without looking it up, I know it will tell me of plans going awry, highly charged emotions and irritations......and breathe! When we started our second Discovery course last year, I started keeping a lunar diary and over last week I have looked back over what I have recorded

Meditations and Celebrations

                                 Local Pear Blossom Happy Beltane! I hope everyone has had a fantastic week and had a chance to celebrate Beltane in whichever way your personal path has taken you. I am very happy to report that my meditation journeys are much more fruitful. I awoke early Monday morning last week with a start at 3.33 am with the half moon shining brightly into our bedroom and decided to try a meditation journey by moonlight. This time I was no longer alone with just the Maiden, but there were other people whose faces I couldn't see, but finally I could see and not just hear a softly babbling brook and with relief and growing excitement I saw stepping stones across the water covered in soft green moss. I heard more distinct voices in the fields in front of me, deep throaty laughter and distinctly flirtatious giggles emanated from warm sunny fields and I was aware of the contented drone of bees. I teetered as I reached the other side of the water an