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The Solstice of The Hormonal Duck

Blessed Litha!! Midsummer Blessings To You All.... Mid year blessings to you all! Litha, Midsummer or Summer Solstice - the turning point in the wheel where we reach the longest day and the shortest night. This fire festival has been celebrated for millennia. I celebrate Litha as a mixture of reflection and thanks for my blessings this year, reflections on what I wish to achieve, a chance to reevaluate and/or reset goals  and naturally, a mid year riot of fun with friends and loved ones. This year was no exception. Family celebrations and gatherings, A beautiful Oak Grove wedding and of course the institution that has become Summer Camp. Always a riot of laughter, craziness and wonderful company - this year was no exception. Our Solstice Camp Mascots So, hormonal ducks - I know you are desperate to know where they came from, well if only I knew! This year I managed to persuade my lovely friend Maria to camp, I was quite impressed with this feat....She's not norm