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Gifts From The Goddess

Sun behind the clouds in nearby Hunton.. Weird, dark  and scary old times we're living in right now aren't we? I hope you're all well and safe wherever you are. As expected, there are some people are moaning but the general consensus amongst my family and friends is that if this is the crisis of our lifetime and if this is the war we have to fight, we're grateful it doesn't involve sending our loved ones away to kill and maim each other like our grandparents had to, and we're blessed that our part - for the most of us, is just staying in and staying put, which is a very small part to play. Himself is still out trucking to keep our infrastructure supplied and ticking along and whilst we had to close the winter shelter a week earlier than planned, I'd already got a new part time job arranged which will still involve heading out as it's care work, but hey ho. For the most part, when I'm not delivering shopping to Mum and Dad, through their double