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A Joyful Harvest

Beautiful Sunset Last Week Autumny greetings to you all!  Just made that word up, autumny, sounds like it should be a real word to me! It feels like snuggly jumpers, warm scarves, hot soup and orangey-brown leaves falling silently to the ground making a vibrant crunchy carpet. Autumny - love it, so much so that I've just added it to the dictionary on my lap top - such a big kid! So here we are again, nearly at Mabon or Autumn Equinox; when the light and the darkness are almost in balance, a short moment of perfect timing in their yearly dance through the wheel of the year. As we head towards the darkening veil of autumn and feel the chill as the Crone's dark cloak of long winter nights approaches, we take time to give thanks for the second harvest of the land. All the fields are bare, Mother Earth has yielded her fruit, grain and berries to nourish us through the coming months, in whatever form they are preserved - jam, chutney, frozen or increasingly cold stored, import

Travelling Through The Motherline

A Present From Sophie Last week I had the pleasure of working for an evening with the lovely Katy, a colleague that I don't see very often these days. In fact we worked out it was well over a year and a half since we'd seen each other, the last time I saw her she had still been pregnant and her daughter is now 19 months old, compared to my 'little girl' being 19 on the 19th next week. The inevitable catch up conversation and sharing of photos ensued before we finally managed to fit some work in. Naturally we got round to how quickly time passes, how quickly our precious babies grow and about getting older in general. 'Don't you wish you were my age again?' she teased good naturedly, which happens to be 26, the age I was when I had Sophie, making me 19 years older than her. In fact she was 19 when I met her too! (Lots of 19 synchronicity here - I'll come to that in a minute!) I surprised myself and answered honestly that no I wouldn't, she laughed

Wanders and Wonders

Beautiful Berries and their Shadows Greetings from a decidedly autumnal feeling Kent this week! Last week seemed to be a harvest of wondrous extremes: walks, woods, weddings, wise women and the plain weird and wonderful. After a simple, low key wedding of an old friend during the day at a local spiritualist  church where I sang tunelessly along to some childhood favourites and thought 'Her' Not 'Him', I headed off to Margate to meet friends for  a previously arranged paranormal investigation -  luckily the bride has known me for over 20 years and was very understanding and actually quite envious!  Despite grounding at my altar in the morning, on arrival I sat and re-centred Beautiful Ceiling  myself again, asking Goddess to walk with me, to guide my instincts and intuition and to protect me throughout the night at the Theatre Royal. I often see or sense things but have yet to make any real sense of it all, it appears to be a gift that I have yet to mast