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A Present From Sophie
Last week I had the pleasure of working for an evening with the lovely Katy, a colleague that I don't see very often these days. In fact we worked out it was well over a year and a half since we'd seen each other, the last time I saw her she had still been pregnant and her daughter is now 19 months old, compared to my 'little girl' being 19 on the 19th next week. The inevitable catch up conversation and sharing of photos ensued before we finally managed to fit some work in. Naturally we got round to how quickly time passes, how quickly our precious babies grow and about getting older in general. 'Don't you wish you were my age again?' she teased good naturedly, which happens to be 26, the age I was when I had Sophie, making me 19 years older than her. In fact she was 19 when I met her too! (Lots of 19 synchronicity here - I'll come to that in a minute!) I surprised myself and answered honestly that no I wouldn't, she laughed and asked not even if knew then what I knew now? Would I like my 26 year old body back again? I shook my head and replied that no I really wouldn't, the impact would be awful, I would be weighed down with worries and concerns that would stop me living and loving my
Me and Sophie 2001
life to the full, it would change where I am now, the woman I have become and even my path maybe, would I still know Goddess? I don't think I knew it until I said it, but I was suddenly and achingly aware of all the archetypes of Goddess Maiden, Lover, Mother, newly added Queen and Crone all rolling into one for the first time in a linear but swirling pattern and said as much aloud. Interestingly the lovely lady we getting ready for bed who is 89, agreed with me, much to Katy's surprise, proudly saying that she was not just a daughter and a mother like us but also a grandmother and great grandmother! 

Thorpe Park (I think) 2003
I've thought about that conversation all week, my mind rummaging through decades of dusty storage, dragging out treasured memories; not the first tooth or first solo bike ride necessarily, but of the picnic where the geese came and pinched our sandwiches, Dan always managing to come back with a wet trainer - wherever we went, Sophie putting herself to bed in latest Disney sparkly princess dress, complete with wand, tiara and wellies! Snapshots in time, good and the not so good, smiling randomly at images and recollections of the children when they were younger, family Christmases and birthdays, days out, my mind taking me further back to my own childhood. Precious memories of Nans and Great Aunties, all born story tellers, sitting listening to stories of their girlhoods and 'during the war', curled up on a floral cushion in my brushed cotton pyjamas and dressing gown, at their feet by a variety of gas bar fires hoping they didn't notice it was way past my bed time as I sipped my mug of cocoa or malted milk. It comforts me to think that they must have done this too when they were girls like Sophie has had the privilege to have 
A Very Rare  Photo of Sophie, Mum and Me!
done with both her Nans. How I wish I could remember all the details to pass those memories on when I am the aged grandmother who was alive in the last century ! How Elizabethan I shall be...

Just as I was musing all this, I came across an interesting article that fired up so many emotions -  The Aging Woman Syndrome (Check me out putting a link in!) which raised so many additional thoughts and questions, including wonder at the very clever image of a young and old woman combined as well as a very angry understanding of the truth. It discusses the notion or un-notion of age in various cultures - including magically mentioning the ages 19, 26 and 45, but it's main point being that
More Recently Celebrating a friend's 50th
Women and to some lesser extent Men's power, self worth and value diminishes with age in recent Western culture, unless they seize the opportunity to reclaim it. Have a read, it's well worth it. As you can imagine, I have no intention of diminishing or fretting about my ever increasing age, In fact I have every intention of doing the exact opposite; celebrating it, relishing the freedom, knowledge, wisdom that becoming older delivers me, seeing my place in the Motherline evolving and growing as a privilege! That and I fully intend to be a crazy cat lady that will be the star of many an entertaining story for my grandchildren to pass on to generations of descendants! Hopefully with a book or two as well.

The number 19 that kept appearing, well a bit of googling - I love that it's now officially a verb, reveals it to be a number of beginnings and endings, spiritual development, inner wisdom and divine life purpose. Sounds like a number pointing to the Motherline to me !

Have  a Blessed Week xx 

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