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Birthday and Easter Celebrations

Easter Card From One of My Service Users Happy Easter!  There I said it - out loud and I didn't spontaneously combust or fall writhing to the floor at the wrath of any deity who feels slighted by my Goddessy sharing of seasonal joy! I've got a bee in my Easter bonnet about that sort of thing at the moment, having witnessed some online snobbery and arguments raging on about who is right with their 'true' understanding of Ostara /Eostre /Easter /Ishtar with people calling each other out and screaming they've got it wrong - as if any of us can know any more than our heart tells us and what resonates within us! I'm right with me and that's all that matters.  I was made this lovely Easter card by one the gents who attends one of the day services I manage and put it up the minute I got in, delighted that he wanted to send me seasonal blessings in his own way, whatever his faith or customs.  Ready to Celebrate... As per usual I was looking forward to re

Ostara Blessings

Ostara Primroses Ostara blessings to you all!  I hope you all had a wonderful time celebrating with family and friends if that is your custom or are simply enjoying the return of longer days and the returning light if Ostara is not on your path....  We started celebrating early this week with a 'quiet' Saturday night of family bowling as the start (the only one she thought) of my wonderful Mum's 70th Birthday celebrations. Not that it was never going to be quiet with 10 of us laughing and shrieking our way through the multi lane breakdown and move to another lane, all 3 hours of it, topped off by a celebratory take away! It was at this point that we broke the news to her loveliness, that despite her no fuss/no party embargo on promise of actual and severe bodily harm, that we had sneakily arranged a lovely weekend away with all the family next weekend in the beautiful Ashdown Forest, just over an hours drive away. Strange, I got the blame for arranging it, me, real

Tame Adventures In Wild Places

Crocuses in Mum and Dad's Garden Well Spring appears to have well and truly sprung here in Kent, but what a week..... my teenage maiden hardly got a look in as I was busy with work, zipping around Kent, I think she must have lent me some energy to get through some rather long days, without raising too many sardonic eyebrows or throwing huge temper tantrums! However by the end of the week she seemed to throw in the towel with a tired hissy fit as I began to go down with a nasty case of man flu. My adult head was telling me stay in bed and take it easy but the noisy headstrong hooligan inside me was hell bent on sending me out and about to explore and walk the land, albeit with my lovely Mum and Dad and their dog Scrumpy Jack, who by their own admission thoroughly enjoyed their third childhood as they called it when they became grandparents!  Jew's Mallow Or Corchorus Olitorius Off we headed to nearby Herne Bay laughingly mocking our 'wild' explorer's spirit

Learning Curves

First Few Steps On  My Path... Well the teenage Maiden is still lurking but at least I seem to have progressed from the one that is full of teenage angst about boys, nuclear war, spots and being taller than everyone else - at  5' 9" or 1.75 metres with awfully giant feet, size 8 - I felt like a giantess and not in a good way! I remember a stand off with one half of a pair of boots  - the only size 8 in stock I burst into tears (flipping hormones) and lost. The term Amazonian had yet to filter through to my ego along with any general understanding of my unique magnificence. Oh the Irony! I look back in awe now at the unstoppable energy, freedom, firmness of flesh and the whole world rolling ahead of me... Anyway, enough of that Maiden, I think I've aged a bit and moved on to the Sixth Form now  - this one is feeling a bit more feisty, anarchistic, curious, eager to explore and ready to let themselves loose on the world! It was about this time that I first found and rea

A Truculent Maiden

Aged 2 Now, I don't know about anyone else but when I envisaged the Maiden energy, I had a romantic picture in my head of a sweet freckled blonde child smiling sweetly, giggling infectiously, pig tails flying behind her as she runs playfully tumbling through long grass, stopping suddenly, lost in the moment to earnestly admire a butterfly paused in flight on a pedestal of grass, or is that too much like a scene from Little House on the Prairie?  Believe it or not I actually was a sunny natured, blonde freckled smiling cutie.... ok a very long time ago before I went through a myriad of hair colour changes -mousy brown, gingery, mid brown and finally darker brown before the grey made an entrance and I discovered the wonderful shades Aged 4 that can be applied - black and purple being notable faux pas!  To me the maiden conjured up images of boundless energy and  curiosity, summer days, scuffed knees, innocence and childish confidence in all things good - albeit clad in dodg