A Truculent Maiden

Aged 2
Now, I don't know about anyone else but when I envisaged the Maiden energy, I had a romantic picture in my head of a sweet freckled blonde child smiling sweetly, giggling infectiously, pig tails flying behind her as she runs playfully tumbling through long grass, stopping suddenly, lost in the moment to earnestly admire a butterfly paused in flight on a pedestal of grass, or is that too much like a scene from Little House on the Prairie? 
Believe it or not I actually was a sunny natured, blonde freckled smiling cutie.... ok a very long time ago before I went through a myriad of hair colour changes -mousy brown, gingery, mid brown and finally darker brown before the grey made an entrance and I discovered the wonderful shades
Aged 4
that can be applied - black and purple being notable faux pas! 

To me the maiden conjured up images of boundless energy and curiosity, summer days, scuffed knees, innocence and childish confidence in all things good - albeit clad in dodgy seventies colours and styles, numerous shocking hair cuts and many goofy gappy smiles.
So this is what I envisaged when calling in Maiden Energy, really, honestly you'd think by now it really should be no surprise to me that very rarely do you get what you think you need - but what the Great Mother knows you need as a lesson, a comfort or just because. 
Instead of the fabulous childlike energy that had me jumping around in puddles and spinning around in fields before, I awoke last week and felt that I was somehow magically transformed onto the pages or film set of Freaky Friday ...moody, hormonal, grumpy and spotty - yes I'd woken up a teenager full of shouty, door slamming, angry, argumentative
Aged 14 - Me and Dad 
angst. Just what you need in your 40's - which is probably how my parents felt too!

Apparently I loved a stroppy stomp up the stairs, slammed more than my fair share of doors, including slamming one glass one shut so hard with my backside that I shattered it and had many a melt down about my hair. Of course I've changed since then - mainly because I no longer have the energy to stomp up and down the stairs, I have to pay for my own doors now and  as for my hair well maybe that still stresses me out more than it should -  I'd rather have that looking right than worry about make up! I always worked hard at school and still like to give work or any project
'Happy' In Spain - Aged 16
I'm involved in my all without slamming to many doors or too many strops! This week after working some long hours I seemed to hibernate in my teen cave of listening to loud music via the lap top instead of a walk man, avidly reading about witches - no change or watching too much rubbish on tv - very unusual for me or loudly voicing my political opinion every time certain MP's dared to appear on the screen, maybe not so unusual! My main worry was my CBA (Can't Be Arsed) attitude to anything and everything that didn't suit me - including daily practice and calling Goddess in, meditating and don't even get me on housework or responsible spending! Mercifully a boozy night out with  a dear friend and bad influence (love her really) was just what the teenage
Thoughtful vs Moody - Aged 19
agony aunt called for, with the 44 year old head remembering a pint of water before bed  to stave off a hangover! Moody Mare has lingered and it took forever to knuckle down and write but just like A Level level Essays I got there in the end and felt the rush of pride in a job well done, however nerdy that may have been! 

So what has my truculent maiden taught me this week? That it is ok to challenge everything and dig your heels in, to drop out for a bit to catch up with yourself and to sit with the emotions or energy that are whirling round you for a time, you can't always be on top of it all - a week off every now and then is just fine. As for dropping off your path, well that's ok too, a humble shuffle back amid some earnest  and honest soul searching may not be such a bad thing. 
Only thing I'm quite so sure about is letting your Mum choose your photos for your blog..... 

Have A  Blessed Week x x 


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