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A Gathering of Women

So,  I had planned to write about my latest  adventure this month, I was due to start a reiki course with my wonderful friend and old neighbour Di yesterday but she was sadly too poorly so we have had to postpone it until a few weeks time. Get well soon Lovely Lady x x  I was all ready, pre course prep done thanks to a variety of Yule gifts from loved ones, excited, well rested and keen.  Reiki Ready... As himself was planning to go out I thought I'd make some alternative plans. Well that wasn't happening: nope, non, nada. Now, by now I've learnt that when life gives you lemons, you freeze them and throw them at your enemies...  no sorry, wrong quote, I meant make lemonade! Watermelon lemonade as it happens that I'd bought to take, so yesterday was spent gently pottering about, organising  a few bits and bobs, planning a few future events and mainly relishing the time to do well, basically a whole lot of nothing!  So this morning drifting awake slowly from my s