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Artistic and Literal Ramblings

Vesica Pool, Chalice Well Gardens This week I was supposed to be heading off to Glastonbury for a long awaited day with my circle Sisters there, but unfortunately it was cancelled a few days beforehand. Disappointed but determined to make the best of it, I started pondering what I could do with my couple of days off. I'd seen an article the other day about going on a date with yourself, which I'd dismissed out of hand as being psychological clap trap - envisaging being told to sit down for a posh meal with a mirror opposite you telling your reflection all the fabulous things about you and how much you're loved, you get the picture? Later on, the more I thought about it, I realised that taking a day out just for yourself, making an effort to please just yourself, even wearing your favourite things just for your own sake, as well as being comfortable with just yourself for company for a whole day of your choosing could actually be a rather glorious thing. At this point an last!!

Trying to Catch the Sun  at Herne Bay Belated Lammas greetings to all you lovely people!  My blog is indeed the proverbial bus of the publishing world, still better late than never.  A million and one excuses for the delay, the blog site did go down for a bit, but me and IT have never been the best of bed fellows and most of the reasons lay entirely at my feet so apologies  to all and thanks for waiting with patience, unless you are Emma, who you will pleased to know has been gently nagging me at work for a while , reminding me that I hadn't 'published' for a while and that I needed to get on with it! In which case thank you for your encouragement and belief x Not that I've been quietly sleeping away my summer or hiding out anywhere, I've been rather busy! Late July we had the pleasure of having our little house guest James again for a weekend, he always helps me find my inner maiden, however well she tucks herself away, reevaluating Sunset Over the Sea