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Sitting With Myself

Cow Parsley From My Nature Photo Challenge So, I was rather happily having one of those quiet Goddessing weeks, just pootling along with my camera, happily and quietly muttering away to myself, staring thoughtfully into the local countryside looking either fey or deranged - dependant on your own personal opinion, which suited me just fine. Over the last few week I have been floating around on a serene cloud of love for all around me. I was planning on blogging about the nature photos I had taken as part of a week long facebook challenge by a friend, nice and easy. Nope, should have known, Goddess had other ideas for me and the chilled lazy next few days I had planned. Stunning Windows - Reminded me of Corn Cue a frantic phone call from my daughter on Thursday afternoon to tell me she'd missed the last train to get her to college in time for her final and graded drama performance.... quick mental calculations about possible options resulted in a formula one style drive acr

Lessons From Nature

Midday Sun  I'm going to do it, I'm going to mention it - you knew it wouldn't be long before I did....what beautiful weather we've had! As the wheel of the year turns, the lighter evenings and warmer days have drawn me off the sofa and led me out, keen to explore Goddess's land and countryside again, greeting the plants and familiar seasonal landmarks like old friends.  This year I have found myself remembering what was where the year before, looking out for signs of new growth and really noticing the subtle changes as they happen, rather than just suddenly realising we are in a different season once more. I've restarted The Corn Field, that was... my weekly Wednesday walk through the three fields to pilates (or 'pirates' if you allow your predictive text headroom - sounds much more fun that deep breathing, lots of pelvic floor clenching and rolling around a church floor doesn't it?) The corn field that became a bean field, has become a

Beautiful Beltane

Outside Beltane Altar Blessed Beltane to you All!  As you may have noticed I'm tinkering with a slightly different format time wise at the moment so please bear with me!  Phew - what a busy few weeks in general and a particularly hectic weekend  for Beltane. We started off on Saturday with a long overdue trip to the allotment - to tidy up and dig the beds over again. Our lovely neighbour in real and allotment life had run his petrol strimmer over the grass paths so it really wasn't too bad but the beds themselves needed a thorough dig over. As well as that we had psyched ourselves up to dig out a new big border that we had previously treated with a natural mulching plant, allowed to die down and covered over to put some goodness back into the ground. This new bed may only be about 10 feet by 12 feet but it felt like an acre!  Not for first time I felt the combined force of  Beltane Eve Fire generations of ancestors shaking their heads with mirth at my huffing and pu