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The Importance of Being

'The importance of being what ?' I hear you ask 'and while you're at it, where have you been?' In answer to the second question - busy, hectic, rushing and not present; tired, hormonal, stressy and exhausted all rolled into one, which is not a good place! You know the sort of scenario when you wake up at 2.31 in the dark lonely hours of the morning for a good worry about something that happened in 1987.... Pants isn't it?  Fortunately I found a map and the path back out.... Campfire For Just Being Fire? No I haven't turned into a pyromaniac, although I've always had a penchant for the flickering light and heat of a good fire, don't worry I haven't been roaming round setting light to things in the wee small hours.  But yes, fire. I knew I was stressed and exhausted; and tired so bloody tired but I didn't realise how much until the weekend when I had the blessing of being away with friends at local micro festival and we were sat round