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A Divine Harvest

What to make? Happy Harvesting! There was a phrased coined in the early 20th century - 'when life gives you lemons, make lemonade' this rang through my head earlier this week when after praying for fruitfulnesses and abundance in daily devotions to Ker, I was rewarded with a surprise surplus of ......marrows! Not quite what I was expecting and not what anyone in the house eats - apart from me, and that was a large mound of marrows - but ever the optimist, I  racked my brains and recipe books until I found a recipe for Marrow and Ginger wine - now that does sound like a plan! Just a few extra ingredients later, we were ready to go, I found a recipe Additional Ingredients that is simple and uses almost all natural ingredients only using shop bought brewing yeast and using oranges and lemons instead of bought citric acid. Lemonade for grown ups!  Lots of chopping and zesting and grating later, we ended up with a bucket full of this... not very appetising looking now I g

A Patchwork Harvest

Bean Field If you could describe a week as a patch work quilt, this would be that week! Bits of this and bits of that, up and downs, celebration mixed with mundane. If you could sew it all together it would definitely resemble patchwork, just like the fields around me - green, orange, yellow, brown, rough, smooth, bursting with crops or silent and stripped. Just about sums up life really now I think of it, those empty fields will fill many fridges or larders and will regrow next year as part of the cycle, just like my empty nest I've had this week - our son has been away on holiday and our daughter house sitting with her boyfriend so it's been suddenly very quiet for a change - on the up side though at least Mark and myself have had some peace and quiet and some time for just us - particularly well timed as it was our wedding anniversary yesterday.  Out came the 'special' bubbly glasses, a wedding A little treat!  present from friends and our treat was cava and

Lammas Journeys

Kentish Wheat Continued Lammas blessings from sunny Kent! We've had another beautiful  week of lovely weather here that magically hasn't turned to rain the minute the weekend arrived. My journey to work takes me through the country lanes that zig zag across an area known as the Weald, an old English name meaning forest which it once was, now villages and farmland both agriculture and live stock.  Local Hay Bales at Linton with Oast Houses in the background  Every day this week I have seen reminders of the start of Lammas harvests as the earthly gifts from the Mother come to fruition, and yes I mean tractors and combine harvesters everywhere! Some are heading off to harvest and some are piled high with hay bales, whilst I drive past busy fields where balers are at work or silent empty fields where huge log like bales wait silently like vast draught pieces waiting to be put away for the winter. This year as I have been walking with Ker, I have sat behind them as they

A Laid Back Lammas

Mother Goddess  By Wendy Andrew Happy Lammas!   Or Lughnasadh or Lughnasa - depending on where, when and how you celebrate.....  Most customs involve celebrating yesterday, however I've discovered that for some groups it was traditional to celebrate after the first harvest, so the date was changeable, or you could be like me and celebrate today as nothing went to plan yesterday, again!  I love this picture by the talented Wendy Andrew, it's her work and  my photo of a card that's on my altar - It just completely depicts Ker as I see Her. When we started our journeys with our individual Goddesses in a Discovery session, many moons ago, after a meditation journey we sketched what we had seen. Apologies that it's not very clear, but below is what I saw, I thought it would be Bridie A Hasty Sketch of My Meditation Journey and had heard very little about Ker, so was totally confused about what I had envisaged. After I had researched the symbols and meanings I