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Spinning In Circles

So, hands up - who has ever heard of a red tent? I hadn't until about 4 years ago when they were explained to me at a workshop in Glastonbury by the lovely Michelle the priestess who was nurturing us in her Goddess workshops.  For those who are wondering, like I did why the colour of your camping gear really matters, a red tent is a gathering for women to talk, listen and share at a particular time in the lunar cycle, either at the new or the full moon.  Goddess relief bathed in red light at Knole's Orangery This movement has grown over the last twenty years or so years, increasingly popular since the novel the of the same name The Red Tent was written by Anita Diamant (Well worth a read) which has recently been televised in a mini series. These red tents have taken their name from the menstruation huts or moon lodges that women gathered in away from the rest of the tribe in early and primitive societies whilst they were bleeding. I have to say that this did stir t

The Callieach, Bride and Angus - Og Or How The Battle Of Spring Was Won

Blessed Imbolc  Everyone! I learned about this Myth at the weekend and today felt inspired to sit and write this today, so look away now if you don't fancy an Epic Saga of a Poem !! The Callieach, Bride and Angus- Og Or How The Battle Of Spring Was Won ( Pronouncing Bride as Breed) The ancient legends of long ago, Tell of an icy realm of frost and snow. Ruled by Callieach the Crone, Hard and unyielding as a stone. Each spring when warmer days should come, She hid the land from rays of sun. The earth stayed bare, no green would show Frozen rivers barely dared to flow. She roamed the frozen wastes of land, Her fearsome staff in withered hand And stamped out any sign of growth With muttered ancient, cursing oath. Crone kidnapped the beautiful Maiden, Bride And although she tried to beg and plead She kept her wretched as a slave And hid her in her dark foul cave. The maiden asked each day to be set free The Callieach la