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Our apple trees are blossoming I have to admit I was getting a bit worried about what I was going to write about this week.  I've been carrying on with my usual daily practices, calling Ker in, feeling Her energies start to change as we approach Beltane and tending the allotment, watching our apple trees budding with pink blossom. I have also been trying meditation journeys, which have been quite frustrating as I seem to 'stuck' and not really journeying any further, so I felt that there wasn't really anything inspiring or 'Goddessy' to share! I've tried meditating at home and later on the allotment, but every time in my journey we (the maiden and myself) stop near some water, I can't see it but I can hear it bubbling over rocks, I know I need to cross it. I can hear people working in the fields, singing and laughing and animals lowing. It feels like I'm watching and waiting for something to happen, feeling frustrated and impatient I as


Wow - a very big 'Hello' to all you lovely people taking the time to read my blog in the UK, USA, Ireland - 'Dia Dhuit!' and Sweden - 'Hej!'  What lovely weather we've been blessed with this week in Kent, warm and sunny. This is the beautiful view outside my office.  I managed to take this photo  before the cherry blossom started to fall like confetti to the ground, appropriately enough for the ceremonies and rites of the upcoming sabbat of Beltane and the sheep well I surprised them with a impromptu photo shoot as I drove to an appointment last week, they seemed so typical of a  Kentish Spring, if a little shocked! Roots have been a recurring theme for me this week- literally, physically, historically and metaphorically.  First root first - the Cardoon is here!  Unfortunately it didn't take too kindly to being uprooted and w ithin the hour of arriving at work it had wilted despite  all our best efforts to protect it.          I had to cut

Sowing the seeds...

Well, what a week.... It occurred to me after my triumph in managing to start and post my blog last week, that I hadn't a clue what I would write about and it was a bit presumptuous to announce my grand ideas before asking Her to work with me! What if nothing happened, no great inspiration came or I was stumped for words? Would my Goddess approve? Slightly daunted, but very excited,I started with a simple cleansing  ceremony to clear any Crone energy I was still holding, walking round my house room by room with burning incense and a beautiful feather, asking for negativity and fear to be released before calling in Ker in Her maiden energy and asking for Her blessings. The week before I'd been saying to my  husband Mark that I wanted to grow something 'different' on the allotment and within hours of asking for Her blessings - a beautiful book called 'Gifts from the Garden' was given to me by one of oldest and dearest friends for my birthday - and you guess


Welcome to my year long project!  After finishing two thoroughly enjoyable Goddess discovery courses with the lovely Michelle, a Priestess of Avalon in Glastonbury and a group of fantastic Ladies, I have decided to continue the journey I feel that I have only just started. I have spent the last few months working closely with Ker, The Grain Goddess - holding Her energy in the four archetypes Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone.  Time, I decided to spend a whole year walking with Her, working round the actual wheel of the year - in real time so to speak - working with, holding, exploring and sharing Her energy, contemplating what it means to me and my life, as well as to those around me, creatively celebrating Her in whatever form inspires me - such as the banner I made to represent Her or the cushion that celebrates Her many forms. I am lucky enough to live in the Kent countryside so I will be walking Her land, searching for Her in all Her beauty as well as asking for Her bles