Sowing the seeds...

Well, what a week....

It occurred to me after my triumph in managing to start and post my blog last week, that I hadn't a clue what I would write about and it was a bit presumptuous to announce my grand ideas before asking Her to work with me! What if nothing happened, no great inspiration came or I was stumped for words? Would my Goddess approve?

Slightly daunted, but very excited,I started with a simple cleansing ceremony to clear any Crone energy I was still holding, walking round my house room by room with burning incense and a beautiful feather, asking for negativity and fear to be released before calling in Ker in Her maiden energy and asking for Her blessings.

The week before I'd been saying to my 
husband Mark that I wanted to grow
P4120620.JPGsomething 'different' on the allotment and within hours of asking for Her blessings - a beautiful book called 'Gifts from the Garden' was given to me by one of oldest and dearest friends for my birthday - and you guessed it, packed full of ideas for unusual plants, flowers and fruit to grow and gorgeous ideas of things to make such as teas, bath bombs, jellies, soaps, room sprays, all things lovely! Though unaware of my decision to work through the year with Ker and to blog it when she chose gifts, she'd also added a couple of beautiful notebooks, a pen and a gardening for dummies for Mark's birthday. What a blessing - All set then, no excuses please!

I was planning to head down to the allotment first thing Tuesday, I'd decided to clear the energy and bless the land before planting anything, hoping to get down there before anyone else was around so that I could perform my little ceremonies privately. Lesson 1 of the day, that just wasn't happening! Ker had other plans for me, by the time I got there, the allotment was busy and my bordering neighbour and his dog were obviously there for the day and feeling chatty. Not a good a good start when I was feeling anxious and self conscious. I'm fine doing ceremonies on my own, but still get a little flustered even in our Discovery circle and wasn't really keen to have a potentially less understanding audience.                  

After about twenty minutes of looking at the plot, walking round it, looking in the shed and generally hoping people would go home so that I wouldn't be seen, I plucked up the courage to light a candle (albeit hidden behind the shed!) and offered a little prayer to Ker to bless my little patch of land with fruitfulness and to guide me. Taking a deep breath I lit a charcoal disc and added some incense and inched slowly round the edge of my allotment, grateful that we have a plot in the far corner -clearing energy and blessing with my feather. 
Before I knew it I was out in the open, no longer hidden by the shed, wafting away and repeating 'Goddess Ker, bless my land and guide me' and had circled the whole plot. I stood there actually laughing at my five minute previous self, what on earth had been so scary or awkward about that? Nothing - just felt natural and part of my journey. 

Buoyed up and energised, I planted some mint, lavender, cat mint and chamomile that I had bought with birthday money after deciding on some great ideas to make from my new book, my neighbour even stopped for a chat and suggested a sunny spot for them and later advised me as I  built a couple of wigwams for my peas and beans, before planting them as well. Obviously hadn't seen then, all that fuss for nothing! As I was leaving, he was taking his dog for a round the field and stopped for another chat and to inspect my handiwork, his parting comment was 'Dog happens to like the smell of something over here' before smiling and walking back to his plot! 

P4070608.JPG   P4070614.JPG     

So Lesson 2 of the day, even the week for me is to be open about my journey and people are more than likely interested, if not helpful! The following day I was explaining a little about this to a delightful lady who I share an office with, 'Do you have a Cardoon?' she said, my bemused look was evidence that if I did, I didn't know it, so tomorrow when she's back in she's bringing me one freshly dug from her garden. I've googled of course and it appears to be the oddest combination of a thistle and an artichoke, with an edible stem that sort of resembles celery, oh and it attracts bees, so what's not to like!! 
Photos to follow....

Have a blessed week  x x x


  1. It's so true! People are interested! And good luck with the cardoon, I have read about them but not eaten any - I think they are a Victorian delicacy, I have details in a book somewhere. I know they grow pretty big and flouncy! I love the incense-loving dog!

  2. Thanks Michelle! they do look pretty glorious, we'll have to see how mine does! No Rio the dog today! x x


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