Welcome to my year long project! 

After finishing two thoroughly enjoyable Goddess discovery courses with the lovely Michelle, a Priestess of Avalon in Glastonbury and a group of fantastic Ladies, I have decided to continue the journey I feel that I have only just started.

I have spent the last few months working closely with Ker, The Grain Goddess - holding Her energy in the four archetypes Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone. 

Time, I decided to spend a whole year walking with Her, working round the actual wheel of the year - in real time so to speak - working with, holding, exploring and sharing Her energy, contemplating what it means to me and my life, as well as to those around me, creatively celebrating Her in whatever form inspires me - such as the banner I made to represent Her or the cushion that celebrates Her many forms.

I am lucky enough to live in the Kent countryside so I will be walking Her land, searching for Her in all Her beauty as well as asking for Her blessings on my allotment!

An odd time of the year/cycle to start you may think, a  strange place in between sabbats and archetypes - but I have chosen to start tomorrow 6th April as it is my birthday - so I will spend the whole of my 44th year walking with Her, starting by calling her Maiden energy in before it  begins to shift to that of the Lover later in the month.

Hopefully you will share my journey with me - Blessed Be


  1. Claire this is fantastic, I am so excited to read what you discover, to hear how you intuit Her as you work your allotment, and to see the beautiful things you make. Lots of love to you, wonderful woman.

    1. Thank you Michelle : ) I'm excited too! Have been busy since I came back from Avalon and will soon have another blog ready! Thank you for your support x x x


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