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Halcyon Days

I don't know if any of you remember my little 7 day connect to the Goddess challenge I set back in February? Well anyway, it created quite an interesting journey for me, and I promised a blog about it at some stage, so here we are! Halcyon Days - Otherkin Words So at the end of the little challenge, the final part was to do a short meditation journey, I ended up on a sunny river bank, watching a beautiful ethereal lady serenely paddle a boat towards me, both of us surrounded by kingfishers, which was all rather lovely and not at all what I was expecting. Maybe I was influenced by the colours I was wearing? Who knows, but I know enough to know a sign when it comes and bites me on the bum! Me looking all wafty and Kingfisher coloured... As you can imagine some  fervent googling and  researching  ensued. Now the only remote link I could find to the Goddess and Kingfishers, was Alcyone. In Greek mythology she and her husband Ceyx were mortals who angered the gods by daring to refer to