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Braving the Elements

Belated greetings from deepest, and at times darkest Kent.  First of all apologies for my recent lack of blogging, without going into a huge amount of detail (unlike me I know but it's not my detail to give), we suddenly had to deal with a serious health issue involving a vital and hasty operation of someone very close to me, which despite going well, involved a fair amount of stress, visiting, changes to plans etc as you can imagine and was generally exhausting. So whilst the storm passed and everyone got through the crisis more or less in one piece physically and emotionally, pulling each other forwards and onwards when necessary, my long realised knowledge that I am not superwoman, nagged at me to refuel my soul. As Michelle our wonderful teacher and Priestess is fond of telling us - you cannot serve from an empty vessel, nor apparently can you write blogs, my vessel was well and truly empty . Lethargy had well and truly set in, so I went into hermit mode and crawled into my bo