Gifts From The Goddess

Sun behind the clouds in nearby Hunton..

Weird, dark  and scary old times we're living in right now aren't we? I hope you're all well and safe wherever you are. As expected, there are some people are moaning but the general consensus amongst my family and friends is that if this is the crisis of our lifetime and if this is the war we have to fight, we're grateful it doesn't involve sending our loved ones away to kill and maim each other like our grandparents had to, and we're blessed that our part - for the most of us, is just staying in and staying put, which is a very small part to play.
Himself is still out trucking to keep our infrastructure supplied and ticking along and whilst we had to close the winter shelter a week earlier than planned, I'd already got a new part time job arranged which will still involve heading out as it's care work, but hey ho. For the most part, when I'm not delivering shopping to Mum and Dad, through their double glazed 'air lock' porch',  I'll be tucked up safe and warm. 

Beautiful Hellebores in Mum and Dad's Garden

That has been the worst part for me, waving a bit forlornly at them through their patio doors - especially on Mother's Day and Mum's birthday, the day after, although I was blessed to be able to sit on their patio in the sun the other day and 'chat' with them through the glass in their self- isolation. A bit of shouting was involved but it worked!! 
In times like these, I'm glad that I'm a glass half full kind of person, it's not that I don't see the dangers, the worries, the bad news, nor is it that I choose to ignore them. The truth is I'm a disgustingly and annoyingly positive soul, which has been pointed out to me on more than one occasion, I'll deal with all the bad things but literally can't help but choose to keep all the things that are joyous high on my agenda and remember and honour them for what they are - little gifts from my Goddess...

Jen's Daffodils

Daffodils, these beauties in my garden make me think of my wonderful friend Jen, she wrote a hilarious poem about their glorious yellowness and just looking at them makes me smile and recall her reciting it with her mischievous smile!
I've had the time to remember to charge my crystals in the light of sun and the darkness of the new moon, just looking at them made me ooh and arr at their colourful and magical wonder and shiny splendour.

Oooh Shiny!!

Lots of little things are the big things right now: discovering Zoom and having face to face video online chats with my family and friends, a Family online quiz night arranged for next weekend, a virtual dinner party last night - we all got dressed up, put our heels and slap on, grabbed a glass of something nice and huddled round our phones and laptops to chat a load of twaddle to each other! Warm cat cuddles and kisses in my bed this morning from Old George who has braved an operation and made it through when he might not have done and sitting on a covered patio watching the hail fly past! 
All little gifts and wonders that I might not have taken the time to see or experience before.
Little gifts from the Goddess to keep me sane whilst I stay in to be safe.
Keep looking for yours, they are there.

Have a Blessed Week and Stay Safe x x 


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