A New Direction

Shameles Stone Selfie!
Well a very interesting week for me!
As you know, I've had several weeks of not quite 'feeling it', feeling as though the energy I was working with was not right for me and what I'm doing, which has been a bit frustrating and also upsetting.

Nestling in a Corn Field
On Monday afternoon I found myself unexpectedly finishing my work day near the North Downs and driving past the site the less well known Little Kits Coty House, known locally as The Countless Stones, just down the hill from the more famous Kits Coty House, where I went for May Day. Usually I've driven past before I've remembered it's there, but on this occassion I was feeling reflective and so I pulled over and went for a wander as well as a wonder. 

These stones  were thought to have originally been a standing structure, but have now collapsed and lie on top of each other,making it almost impossible to accurately count them, hence their local name, also sometimes referred to as the The Devil's Stones due to their fiendish nature! I counted them 4 times and made it 17 twice and 18 twice - the information says there are 20! It had been pouring on and off all day, but as I arrived the sun came out.

The Countless Stones
I cleared the site of rubbish left by some thoughtless visitors which really irks me generally, but it felt particularly important to tidy it up on this occassion. Once it was tidied,it felt clean again, so I offered up a prayer and blessed the land and the stones, as well as the corn (it had to be didn't it?) in the surounding fields, before settling down on a comfy stone for a simple pure meditation of just clearing my mind of all the minutae and stress of daily life, feeling the sun dance over my face and generally feeling part of the stones and the land, being a 'Major Hippy' as my daughter would say! Whatever I was doing or being, I felt refreshed and reassured that everything would become clear.

My Charity Shop Maraca
The following morning, after carying out my daily grounding practice, I decided to raise some energy before calling Ker in with this lovely instrument I had found in a charity shop, it's a maraca and I particularly love it as it is made from a gourd and filled with seeds or beans, this one is decorated with llamas and possibly a peruvian figure. I can honestly say that I felt a change in energy immediately and when I called Her in, I simply asked 'who are you?' The name Kerah, came to me at once, I was pronouncing this as Ker-ah, and chanting the name over and over again, and had subconciously started shaking the maraca and was chanting and shaking my way round the kitchen! The energy felt amazing, my heart was racing and I was grinning like the proverbial cheshire cat,  but a little negative voice in my head was telling me that I couldn't just stand in my kitchen, shake a gourd  and invent a new Goddess on a Tuesday morning before going to work!
Only one thing for it, I messaged Michelle, who had taught me so much on our Discovery training and started many of us on our own journeys, I told her what had happened and asked for some advice. A reassuring message pinged back via the cyber ether from Avalon telling me to trust my intuition and go with it, and when I explained that I had been 'following' Kathy Jones's retelling in 'The Ancient British Goddess' - she pointed out that Rhiannon or Kerhiannon has a totally different vibe to what I am working with, which sounded glaringly obvious! Of course all our journeys are not the same, we all walk different paths and Goddess loves our diversity.
So Kerah it is then, I have been calling Her in daily and it has been a much more positive experience for me. As well as being the Lover, this energy has a warrior aspect to Her too, not necessarily in a physical way, more like campaigning, becoming more active in standing up for people, places and things you believe in, making a difference - so it will be very interesting to see where that takes me. Perhaps picking up the rubbish was a start?
Purple Beans!
I have managed to get the corn planted on my allotment in the week, and found these amazing funky looking tricolour climbing beans which I planted over the weekend as part of my attempt at the 'three sisters' planting scheme. Everything seems to growing well, the peas are running away with themselves and potatoes are getting bushy. I'm putting my green fingered success down to the lunar planting, Goddess and my continued chanting and singing as I plant and tend the crops, well maybe not my singing!

The Allotment Track
This coming week I'm hoping to spend a bit more time meditating and journeying to my Goddess, hopefully down on the allotment if the weather is kind although I'm not sure if  Rio the dog and the other allotment folk are ready for maraca fuelled chanting around the corn... we'll see!!

             Have a Blessed Week x x 


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