Lunar Musings

Finally! Apologies for posting so late - it's been one of those weeks.....  Nothing awful - just one of those weeks when nothing has gone to plan and I seem to be going round in circles. My new phone which had some beautiful pictures of walks and the allotment I was planning to post has decided to hide,if not delete them, computers are freezing on me, I've got my appointments muddled, resulting in fasting for a blood test for one morning that was actually the following day and generally far from feeling the warmth and love of the Lover that I have been calling in daily - I've  pretty much been a grumpy old mare. I very rarely read my tarot cards these days but as you can see I chose the moon, and even without looking it up, I know it will tell me of plans going awry, highly charged emotions and irritations......and breathe!

When we started our second Discovery course last year, I started keeping a lunar diary and over last week I have looked back over what I have recorded to look for any patterns, initially we were following our moon time in relation to the lunar cycle - but I have noticed that there is a pattern whereby I am moody and quite tearful around full moon although ironically, this is when I seem most able to deeply meditate - my body's self preservation mechanism or just tired from being woken by the moon light? My energy levels dip as the moon begins to wane and I tend to feel easily stressed, so not a good weekend for photos to be wandering in the ether. On a positive note, the moon wanes further it tends to make me more creative and imaginative so my mind is racing with ideas for a family party later in the year and creative presents for the upcoming 18th, 50th and 70th birthdays of my loved ones, so the love is there - maybe just not radiating at the moment.

Looking a little sorry
for itself...
On the allotment I have been singing to Ker whilst I plant and weed, and as the photos would have shown, my crops are bursting into life, my second planting of peas are shooting up and although the beans were slower to start with they are beginning to unfurl and make their way skyward. The apple trees are still in the last throws of blossom and I have planted wild flower seeds around them and the new plum tree in what I grandly call my mini orchard - all 5 trees- to attract bees and butterflies. 
Looking Good!
The potatoes are growing quicker than I can heap the soil on them as a jacket for the leaves. Sadly no photos of the allotment to share this week but I do have a before and after pictures of the famed Cardoon, it was looking awfully sorry for itself, and I had to cut it down to a few sad outer stalks and not much more than a root ball, but over the last week it has started growing some beautiful sage green silvery leaves and is looking healthy at last. This too should be a Bee and Butterfly magnet when it flowers!

Mother and Foal

A last minute walk for inspiration and replacement photos (my husband may well tell you it was more of  a route march and that I managed to stomp off my foul mood) revealed a beautiful new foal in the Horse fields shyly hiding from us behind his watchful mother, complete with matching marking on his side. I'd seen her just last week, the mothers to be with their ripe swollen bellies  in a separate field from the gents. We then walked on past the bluebell woods and the pathways that I journey through when  I meditate. 
Bluebell Woods and Lady

If I look closely at the tree just right of the centre, I fancy I can see a figure in the gnarly bark and the twists of the tree, the floor wood floor is carpeted with bluebells and woods anemones and you can hear the sounds of animals in the undergrowth, birds nesting, singing and bickering high up in the trees.
I walked through what I call the corn fields, at least that's what they have been for years, the leafy shoots are growing in their uniformly  
planted drills. the wind always rushes through this field and I love to walk through the footpath that runs straight through the centre of it from the horse field one side to the apple and pear orchards, with my hair flying and clothes flapping in the breeze. I always feel close to Her there, whatever time of day I walk the land, in the sun or the moon and whatever my mood! 

I'll leave you with a couple more photos of the fields and orchards and wish you all a blessed and stress free week. 

Footpath looking back into
the horse field

From the orchards looking
through the cornfield
                Sunset over the copse    



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