Catching Up...

Hurrah - finally, proper internet again!! 
Whatever did we do without it? It seems like so long ago that I wrote anything here that I'm at a loss as to where to start! I've still been roaming around the countryside and doing all my weird and wonderful things, it feels like it would take forever to catch up.... I think  this week I'll simply start with sharing some photos from our holiday to Orkney, Scotland and Lindisfarne back in the beginning of September, it feels like a distant memory itself now, so looking back through the photos has been a joyous pleasure on a Sunday afternoon. I'll let the photos do most of the talking - they can do it much better than me...

The glorious view from our cottage Old Point at Orphir, Orkney; just ten metres from the sea - no internet, no phone signal, miles from anywhere - just the sound of the sea, the birds and the wind - a totally perfect retreat for 5 nights.

The stunning sunset from there too - overlooking the island of Hoy, that stone to the right was covered in moss - possibly an old standing stone, the island is practically littered with them, who knows it's ancient secrets?

The UK's most northerly Sheela-Na-Gig, silently but proudly shouting her abundant fertility from the Roof of the St Magnus Cathedral in Kirkwall amongst her Green Man neighbours and wonderfully near the main altar. Embarrassed a young male guide by asking for help to find her, who despite his blushes proudly assured me that she was frequently asked for by pagan folk!

View from a window at the ruins of Castle Sinclair Girnigoe - so like Tintagel in it's atmosphere that we spent ages exploring it's precarious towers, listening to the waves tearing at the cliffs, chatting to a lovely American couple and talking to a local bird watcher. 

The Ring of Brodgar - beautiful setting for a ring of ancient stones, purpose presumed ceremonial and celebratory predating Stonehenge. Just stunning.

The valley of Glencoe - no words can describe the atmosphere there, heavy terrifying and beautiful at the same time - everyone felt the presence of the past a mere whisper away. I need to find the words to explain my experiences there, that will have to wait until I can bear to revisit them.

Finally the stunning coast and enormous skies of Lindisfarne and Northumbria, brooding and knowing, I stood here and sang for the souls of the selkies and wished for seals, they came.

Short and Sweet today but finally present again.

                                       Have a Blessed Week x x 


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