Full Moon Artistry

Lunar Halo
Snow Moon Greetings to you all! 
Well according to my almanac it could also be Ice or Storm Moon - they all seem pretty appropriate this week. Lady Moon seemed to be hiding form me last when she was at her fullest but I certainly felt the pulse and flow of her energy and power as she waxed throughout the week. Did anyone else see the spectacular Lunar Halo on Tuesday? 
Not the best of photos to the left but you can still make out the dark ring surrounding the moon. 
Also known as a 22 degree halo, they are due to the moonlight refracted through the ice crystals in the earths atmosphere, bending the rays of light at 22 degrees (hence the boring scientific name!) which produces a circle we call a halo. When they also have colours to them they are known as Moonbows. They usually predict a storm or ice and snow - bang on with latter as we woke up Saturday to surprise layer of snow - a wintery veil that went as quickly as it came. Looks like that myth about the Callieach had some truth to it, the 1st was wet but the 2nd dried up and became quite bright! Perhaps she was walking the land collecting firewood after all...
As always the waxing moon is the best time for
Cosmic Womb
me  to meditate, always allowing me the opportunity for  the deepest and most powerful travels. This week was no exception. Usually I meditate with just a candle and incense, and of course a warm purring cat - one always grabs the opportunity of a settled lap! I've always shied away from electronic meditations, personally it feels weird for it to be so 'plugged in' for want of a better word, which didn't sit right for me to let my mind roam free! However on Saturday there was drilling and banging from some sort of DIY next door, so having had several friends rave about a meditation app and a friend installing it for me, I plugged in my headphones and meditated my way into the 21st century. Well, I have to admit it was great! Must be the Maiden encouraging me with all this newfangled stuff! Not a drill or hammer was heard and in fact I enjoyed it so much that I tried 3 different short guided journeys. I chose ones themed around letting go, inner wisdom and renewal as they felt like they 'fitted' with the energy of Imbolc and the Maiden. So off I travelled, letting go of good old fashioned fear and pain, coming
Feeling Artistic ..
through the other side of that to hear some inner wisdom from my spirit guides who were telling me to be 'brave', 'to get on with it' and that I could do it - thanks Ladies! 

The last one was a powerful shamanic style phoenix rising from the ashes renewal themed meditation where I had to breathe in and out really fast, the cats who were comfortably in situ as live hot water bottles jumped off at this point so I must have terrified them with my huffing and puffing! All these journeys conjured up images of a warm fetal womb like place, a safe familiar place, whilst simultaneously racing through the cosmos. 
The Maiden energy had me digging out all my art stuff for  a sudden artistic splurge which produced Cosmic Womb above!  Quite often when I'm creating something I feel the 'what if it goes wrong?', 'what if it looks rubbish?' fears nagging at me, which can even stop me before I start. This time however I let the spontaneous carefree confidence of youth brought by the Maiden to allow me to just go with flow and create whatever evolved. The joy and fun of doing something creative just because you can is a wonderfully freeing experience. I even went out and bought myself some proper canvases to adorn, well they were on offer! Usually I make
A Goddess In Progress...
little things or draw small pictures, something my Avalon Circle Sisters picked up several years ago, not easy when I don't have the smallest of hands. I have also noticed a penchant for watercolours and pencil in my artist ventures, which can be less dramatic and passionate. Out came the acrylics that I bought in a moment of bravery and have sat taunting me unused ever since. In my excitement I grabbed a medium size canvas (lets not go too mad just yet) and just went for it!  How exhilarating to be bold! I drew the outline of Goddess in masking fluid, that's the blue line you can see round and the spiral in the white figure and then made a statement with the black paint. No going back. So when that's dried I'm going to add some more detail, haven't decided how or what yet but it will definitely be bright bold colours, and when it's done it's going up on the wall, even if it is the downstairs loo. 

Funked Up Water Jar
I can't tell you how good it felt to make a bold splash on the canvas - Give it a
go! I'll show you my progress next week. Buzzing with maiden energy I even decided that my jam jar I was using for water pot needed jazzing up and decorated it with some stickers I found lurking in my collection of art stuff. I was giggling to myself as I did it, just like a big kid!

So I'm heading off into the week bouncing with childlike energy, lets hope I don't whip my crayons out in the middle of one of my many meetings....might liven them up though!

    Have a Blessed and Creative Week x x


  1. Thanks Joanna! I've just rescued it from the cats who thought it looked like a suitable cat cushion! x


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