April Blessings

Sunny April Greetings to you all! 
Been a bit busy round here, I've been too busy dealing with life and then living it to the full to sit down and write much about it! My family has seen too much of hospitals the last two weeks but we're all home and in one piece, so all is good. Makes you count your blessings though.
One of our blessings is that Tiny Tim the little runt of Sylvie's litter is finally putting on weight after a very dicey start and much bottle feeding, here he is pictured receiving some Reiki treatment from my lovely circle sister Tina, the weight started going on the next
Tiny Bottle
day, so never say never.. I have to say it has been like having a baby in some ways, feeds during the night and wandering round with a small snuffling thing clinging on to my top and getting milk in my hair! 
His bottle was as big as he was, I have left it on my altar next to a tealight to show you the scale. Reiki and a place on my Goddess Altar appear to be providing strength and his birth weight finally doubled. Although the others are already treble his size and much stronger, he's finally getting there - thankfully!

Sunset Seagull
Both myself and Mark had our birthdays last week so took ourselves off out for the day to Brighton, such a glorious and beautiful sunny day, a real treat in April. A walk round the Brighton Pavilion, a fantastic ostentatious folly, through the famous back streets of shops - The Lanes and along the seafront and iconic piers -old and new. Sitting with a number of other photographers we waited for the sun set to catch the perfect shot.... This sea gull decided to photobomb my sunset shot of the old pier, no doubt improving it - what a great picture. 
You can see all the detail in the feathers as it is silhouetted against the sun. 
Earlier when looking for somewhere to have lunch out, we came accross a lovely old pub called the Druid's Head, so named as apparently it was built in the site of an old stone ring, allegedly placed there by Druids.
Hmm, not sure how many Druids in ancient times hot-footed their way to
A Druidic Abundance...
Brighton or built stone circles,but seeing as I was that child who argued that dragons must have existed as there was a word for them, it was good enough for me. Amazing Veggie Fish (Halloumi) and Chips, and more Green Men and/or Druids than I could shake a stick at, should I have wanted to.

They seem to be everywhere I am at the moment, I seem to be finding them without even looking, there is obviously a message in them for me - reflecting the fertility of the season and the promised abundance no doubt. I wonder what my Goddess will have to say about that? Why are there practically no green women? Interestingly in Churches, a surprising but very common home for them, Green Men are often partnered with Sheela-Na-Gigs - carvings of naked women showing their exaggeratedly large vulvas....
A Not So Pink, Full Moon
Meanings and representations include fertility, abundance and renewal of life and land.

Finally to top of this display of fertility and fullness I snapped this glorious photo of the full moon, long associated with fertility and a constant reminder of the cycles though flow in and around us. This April full moon is most commonly known as the Pink Full Moon, looked far more blue from where I was hanging out of a window! A bit of an odd mixture this week maybe, I'm sure they are all connected, they flowed in my mind at least - and the Moon in the Tarot does come with confusion and illusion...

Have A Blessed Week x x 


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