A Marvellous Medley

A Surprise Thank You!
Well another week has flown past, another week when a delicious medley of seemingly unconnected threads have magically woven themselves together in the end to make a rich tapestry as the backdrop along my path. 
A beautiful surprise winged it's way to me this week, I came home from work to find this wonderful card and present as a thank you from my lovely circle sister Tina who came to stay with her daughter a few weeks ago and gave my baby kitten some much needed healing reiki. Fabulous CD with songs and chants bringing the essence of Goddess from all around the world and all cultures, a timely message that many paths entwine and blend to make each journey.... Thank you Tina! 
Another beautiful surprise was the gift of these beautiful crystals from my not so 'little' brother Paul and his girlfriend Nikki. Must really be my week for blessings. They said it was a belated birthday present despite sending me a gorgeous flower basket on the day, he said he just saw them and thought of me - the best sort of present! 
Beautiful Crystals

They are all three amethysts  -  the meaning of amethysts varies but usually they are connected with healing properties, meditation, psychic abilities, calm and balance. These have been preloved so I will want to cleanse and energise them before I use them. To do this I will wash them them in water that I have smudged over with sage and then leave them to dry over night on a window sill in the full moon, you could also do this in sunlight if you wanted to. They can then be used for healing, for meditating on or even as a necklace if I get to feeling that arty! I've recently seen them as adornments on staves or  wands too.
Sun and Moon in The Garden
It was great to see a couple of new faces at our Maidstone Pagans Pub Moot who brought some fascinating conversation and presented new possibilities to us, eagerly taken up by myself and my beautiful friend Maria, who calls us onion friends as we have so many layers that we are learning about each other, either that or she means we are Shrek and Donkey in which case we will be having words! No surprise to find that the same things keep presenting themselves to me, especially when I keep ignoring them elsewhere - an opportunity to try past life regression, healing, story telling and treelore... Who was I to refuse such exciting and serendipitously insistent offers that were sent to me?
So on Thursday myself and my lovely onion friend headed off to another local moot the wonderfully aptly named Pagan Pathways run by another friend who just happens to be an expert in crystals, yet another very useful synchronicity! I knew several of
My Budding Herb Garden
the group from the summer solstice camp I attended last year (and have not only been invited back, but asked to do a talk at this year's one on the history of the local standing stones...eeeek!) - I was greeted with hugs as I might have been with old friends, always a good start! We had a fascinating talk on sacred celtic tree lore, complete with healing properties and magical uses, just the perfect subject matter for someone who has been cultivating a little herb garden in my little 'Goddessy' area in our garden, complete with a little Goddess statue. We then had a talk and a mini workshop on story telling, which had us jazzing up the story of the 3 little pigs until we cried with laughter, I'm pretty sure there were some funky steam punk pigs going on in one tale! Yet again timely messages and reminders that weave through my path, re-inspiring me, re-firing my imagination and
Blue Bells Courtesy of the
Lovely Claire Hayward
reaffirming my belief in my slightly mad at times journey!! 

Literally just as I have written this, as if to completely reinforce what I have just typed, my lovely friend Claire has messaged me with a memory of us walking through bluebells last year and sent this gorgeous picture of some bluebells she saw today and thought of me! How fabulous a blessing is that? Not merely the photograph, but to be remembered  and associated with fondness by such beauty..... Thank you!
Following a wonderful workshop yesterday on Traditional Witchcraft that I need time to digest and do justice to fully, so will have to leave until next week, I dragged himself off for a drive to the
Beautiful Beach at Whitstable Harbour
coast for some proper seaside fish and chips. We strolled along the pebbly beach at Tankerton watching a group of people readying themselves for a BBQ party on the beach, watching some children blowing and chasing bubbles and dogs bravely running in and out of the water as it lapped against the wooden breaks. We sat admiring the sun play out a dramatic game of hide and seek with the clouds and then drove along to Whitstable to walk through the Harbour, watched the sunset - a fiery red sun melting, seeping into the land and glowing in windows across the bay. We ate our chips on a picnic bench on the beach, a perfect table for two with a view. Such a beautiful view, such a blessing.

Have a Blessed Week x x x


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