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Following  some further reading of my current book, I have unleashed my inner wild woman - the wild Goddess inside whilst at work, well when I say She's unleashed I found a suitable image to placate her at work whilst the mundane Claire has to type reports, write risk assessments, balance budgets and deal with the daily minutiae that pays the bills....as suggested I found an image of a beautiful mountain cloaked in heather and a rainbow, which certainly makes me stop and smile during my day, which must be doing something to sate the appetite of my
A Halfway Horse!
restless inner wild woman /Goddess as well as drawing some admiring 2nd glances from others in my office. It certainly helps to feel balanced and grounded during the day instead of pining to escape and roam! 

Last week whilst travelling between my two sites I came across this beautiful wicker horse outside a pub, tethered as though her rider was inside having a swift drink! On making enquiries as to any particular reason for it the landlord told me that it was a 'Halfway Horse' for a Halfway House - the name of the pub a gift by a talented travelling artisan - fabulous to see that old skills and crafts survive and certainly adds to my already amazing drive.
Inspired by heather, hills and wicker horses, I dragged my husband out with me to rediscover more of the local woods, he thought he may have a nasty case of man flu but thankfully  I managed to walk it out of him! A longer than usual walk took us out onto the nearby Greensand Ridge, the 2nd
A Woodland Wonder
highest point in Kent and overlooked the spectacular views of the Weald and an unexpected flock of sheep, the second I've seen recently on former agricultural land! In what felt like the middle of nowhere we came out of a footpath and found a static caravan complete with an elderly lady inside watching her tv and waving at us, surrounded by home made arches and trellises clad with trailing plants and vines - it really was quite magical and I couldn't help but think that this was someone who felt totally at home with their surroundings in the woods and with

nature, I think Mark was getting worried in case I get any ideas.....how right he is! 
We also discovered some infant snowdrops and daffodils nestled safely amongst larger plants and shrubs, shyly but proudly heralding the advent of Imbolc and return of the light as the wheel turns again. The bitter dark greens of holly and ivy are slowly given way to a brighter fresher green of new growth and thickening grass overtaking the bright berries on their stark stalks reflecting the imminent birth of the maiden Goddess as the crone relinquishes her reign until Samhain again. I can almost see the land stretching, yawning and coming out of her deep sleep.
About half a mile on, we ventured into some woodland, that stirred some dormant synapses and felt vaguely familiar, amongst a cultivated and partially felled coppiced area was a considerable mound of earth that I remember my brother talking about, I'm sure he said it was known locally as 'Mount Sinai' and I know it was the place to go BMXing locally
Earthworks In the Woods
in the 1980's! I instantly loved the atmosphere and energy there. The top is flat and has a ring with a dip in the middle and on the other side I was delighted to find a large yew amongst the coppiced Hazel - it's bigger than it looks in the photo! I knew straight away that it felt special to me and later when we walked away, Mark turned to me and said as much to me and that he knew it would be my place! I can't explain the connection I felt - happy, old, new, familiar, excitement all rolled into one!

Some research into the site late into Sunday night was at first frustrating, suggesting earthworks of troops stationed nearby in the Napoleonic Wars and Beacon sites during the era of the Spanish Armada - all fabulous history but disappointingly nothing remotely Goddessy or pagan to explain my intense connection to it! 
However after posting some
Odd Place For A Yew Tree...
photos to facebook one friend remembered going there and was told it was an old burial mound, but I could find nothing to corroborate this although I know they have found many ancient artefacts along this ridge dating back 1000s of years, then a dear friend of nearly 20 years who it emerged was actually a distant cousin last year said that she used to walk there with her Nan as a little girl which peaked my interest. 

We share our Motherline about 140 years back ...could this be the pull for me, seeing as we both have deep roots here? Possibly, this has left me pondering many questions whether my ancestors walked here, whether it was a old burial site as suggested and why has the Yew been allowed to stay and sit so happily in residence? Even if there was nothing significant here yesterday I came to the happy conclusion that both our descendants will walk there and our maternal line can go forward, something that I had never really paid too much thought to before - children, grand children, great grandchildren and so on walking where my distant cousin and I have trod, listening quietly for a stir of memory or a whisper of us -quite surreal! 
A further search has found the site was known prior to this as Windmill Mound or Windmill Ridge - now that is exciting!  What do windmill's mill? Corn, grain, wheat.... the very essence of Ker! I can't prove anything but that does explain the shape and size and would more than explain my instant connection.... You can guess where I'll be found when I get a spare hour next!

Have a Blessed Week


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